By LesbianHonest - 22/04/2013 19:52 - Canada

Today, my grandpa moved into the apartment next door. The walls are wafer-thin. Goodbye sex life. FML
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I'm not, but my girlfriend is. Her silence in bed makes me sad now. :( PS: Yes, this is my FML. I didn't have an account when I posted it, though.

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Take his hearing aids away, you'll be golden.

I'd be more afraid of hearing those noises from his room


Take his hearing aids away, you'll be golden.

wlddog 14

Tuesday and Thursday are bingo nights. Rest of your life may revolve around bingo. The biggest problem will happen when you hear grandma making sexy time noises.

He might just aswell like the sound! :)

Sir_ND_Pity 35

13 - OP should plan B4 so she can find a good opportunity.

Or...She could tell him that those sounds are from a new type of music.

summerguy97 16

He can just put egg cartons and foam on the walls to muffle the noise, or just have sex anyways.

Of course it's's called Screamo

TayonaC 10

I'd rather him him things from mine than the other way around...

#40 Your profile picture caught my eye. I have you and Mr. Nicolas to blame for being scarred for the rest of my life. I didn't notice that was his face at first, until I got a close up of it.

Funny. He's only 63. No hearing problems yet. :(

Look at it positively, you will feel like a teenager again, making out in the car and in the park.

This is so off topic...but yet another reminder of my first kiss, which just happened a week ago, at a park.

Hopefully more than just making out in the park. ;)

I hope not! #34 is only 14 yrs old... Isn't that a bit young to have sex in a park?

Eww, #49. Eww. The kid's in middle school, I would hope it was just a kiss.

I believe #49 was referring to #2... or at least I hope so! ^^

#68, #72 hit the nail on the head, definitely not meant for the middle schooler. Haha gross

We still do that.. even after 3 years of being together!

I'd be more afraid of hearing those noises from his room

I'm wondering how did the previous neighbor handle all that noise.

just play some loud music or TV. that always works.

Na forget all that ball out. Sometimes you gotta lay it out on the table let em see it or in this case hear it.

What if the grampa nocks on the door to ask to lower the volume?

Gag your guys? Some of them like the kinky stuff.

sailorzoe 14

Only the interesting people.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

If he really wants grandkids he might not mind too much ;-) but, of course, knowing your grandpa might be listening is fairly creepy :-/

Thinner walls allows for easier peep holes.

wannabesinger 16

But...OP is his grandchild. Unless you mean great grandchildren?

Sir_ND_Pity 35

38 - Ah, yes, good point. Great grandchildren would be the correct term. Thank you :-)

Why worry about what other people think? Have your fun and let him reminisce.

Billy, your about me is pretty rude. Just because someone is under the age of 21, or above it, doesn't mean they are, OR aren't, mature.

Move to another apt room in the building if it matters that much!

Why would you grandpa move directly next to you?

Try to plan your sex time for when he's not in bed. Or for when you know he'll be asleep.