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Today, I was extremely constipated. This is a side effect of the medication I take to alleviate my stomach condition. Due to this same condition I can't eat much roughage. We have no laxatives or stool softeners, and I have been shitting bricks for three days. FML
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atleast when you tell people you shit brix, you're telling the truth.


Br00talsex 0

atleast when you tell people you shit brix, you're telling the truth.

squirt some lube up there maybe it'll help.

26 do I hear a new 2 girls 1 cup approaching? lol

Epsom salts, ever heard of the saying " went through like a dose of salts" I did it on the weekend... wow....

#48 dont lie collingwood supporters can't afford Epsom salts lol

OP maybe you'll have enough bricks to build an outhouse to keep from stinking up your bathroom every-time you get constipated! :D

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Well would you rather shit bricks or razor blades?

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I choose brick-shaped razor blades.

I choose razor shaped brick blades. and you know what they say... when you shit bricks, build a house. i've done it.

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water! ever drink it? it helps!

Are you a retard? If you were having this problem for three days and are complaining abt not havinf laxatives or softeners, get off your ass and buy some. YDI

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Agreed. Can't imagine it's impossible to go to a store or pharmacy to get something.

This. Three days, OP? YDI! You've had plenty of time to get all the things you complained about not having. You could've ordered them online and had them delivered in that time span.

laxitives don't soften stool, they just spin your stomach out and make you want to shit. no fun if ther is a brick blocking the path :-)

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39 ORRRRR maybe OP has less money then you and can't afford laxatives? Grow up. FYL OP.

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Sorry, I'm not really good English. what is laxative? and don't tell me to search it up either, last time I do cause a friend told me to I got some disturbing images :(


It's very uncomfortable to move when constipated, I spent a week on the toilet(not literally) before my mum got me anything. :(

You looked at one of those "when you see it" memes on the internet, didn't you? Can't say they didn't warn you.

when I was a toddler I chucked a brick down the loo, needles to say it smashed it. you must be getting good at replacing loo's.

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go buy some for like $2. It'll save you Hell. btw, YDI for not thinking of it