By Anonymous - 06/05/2009 19:17 - United States

Today, I had some pretty bad stomach pain, so I went to the bathroom. After a few minutes, two girls walked in, taking stalls next to me. That's when my farts began to get very large and explosive. Not only did they break into laughter, they waited for me to come out. FML
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I would have stayed in forever!

I woulda bitch slapped them.


I would have stayed in forever!

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rofl major

that is effing hailerious. should of punched them in the face

LMAFO :D take beano next time

YDI for failing to make the place so stinky that they were unable to stay. Haha, I would have waited hours to avoid that if I had to!! FYL.

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Fake, girls don't poop

I know!! I mean, GIRLS FART?!

Everybody shits and farts.

That sucks I feel really bad for you :(

I woulda bitch slapped them.


You should have just stayed, they would have left soon since the restroom would have started to smell :D

I can never take a shit in a public toilet. when the guys allow me too. girls dnt poop. I'm poopin rite now.

Is that ebolics?

Should have asked them to play battle shits =P

OH MAN, YOU SUNK MY BATTLE-SH!T! no seriously, i would have taken charge of the situation and laughed at them - 'how do you like that smell. now i challenge you to do you want me to show you?' i would have walked away laughing, and i WOULDN'T have washed my hands (at least until they went elsewhere, thinking in their own tiny pathetic minds that i was a 'weirdo'). sometimes you just have to embrace life and try your best to turn a situation around to ensure nobody's rubbing your face in the dirt (or in this case, toilet) XD live and love living

i second this

I third this lol

This is amazing. First good FML in a long time. I would have just stayed in the stall. I wouldn't of cared how long it took.

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Hopefully you didn't know 'em... EMBARRASSING.

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i can't say i wouldn't giggle if i was in their position, but hey, when you gotta go you gotta go. if you can't fart loud and explosively in the bathroom, where can you?

maybe she can have loud and explosive farts on thoose girls faces!

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