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a badger? is she that hairy

Wow, self esteem boost for her


maby u should find a badger and keep it as a pet.

Being mistaken for a badger is insulting. Now, being called a wolverine is awesome. Those things are little terror engines.

where the hell did u even get the idea that it was a badger? as far as I know it's not really common for a badger to crawl into someones house in general rather than in your bed lol

if I was your husband you'd be sleeping on the couch tomorrow night

i think we can all come to the conclusion that you are a very love mother. :)

is she that ugly? lol fyls... also why would your first assumption be a badger? didn't know Washington was so weird.

#70 I bet the daughter will be teased for it xD Being mistaken for a badger by your own mother...

Wow you guys are excellent parents - aren't you?

68 If i were the husband I would be making her sleep on the couch

chewbaca! lol jk nvm

ur pic is hot

Honey badger don't care

a badger? is she that hairy

poor ugly hairy little girl. but a badger. really OP? if i see an animal in my room at that time, the more reasonable thought is a dog got in here maybe a big cat. but a badger?

"with her blanket"

Well at least the parents won't gave to worry about boys being all over their daughter when she is older... unless chewbaca's kid finds her

he was probably having a dream

Thats hilarious

Wow, self esteem boost for her

She's 4 anyway. she's probably just freaking out.

OP should wait for when the kid's a teenager; she'd get her revenge.

at least shes young and doesnt understand. hopefully she never finds out c:

wat does OP mean. I'm new ??

look it up Sherlock.

haha a vagina? lol

hahahahaha poor daughter

hahahaha this is a funny fml...ur husband is funny for screaming about sth he doesnt even know lol

How the fuck did a badger come to mind? I dont even know what that is

look up nasty ass honey badger on YouTube and that's where she found it

Even FML team can't get their story posted :( sorry Alan, one day!

If OP is from Wisconsin she would know what a badger is.

This would've been 10times better if it happened during Intercourse.

of course you would think that, sir 'cockrocket'

this is the funniest thing I've read all day!!!!! hahhahahhaa.

same here! :P made me lol.

No comment... like seriously... why? just no...

If you have no comment, why did you bother typing anything in here in the first place?

You're both idiots and your husband's a pussy. Are you sure he fathered a kid?

Apparently he fathered a badger, so no?