By anon - United States
  Today, I got my first tattoo. It was a surprise for my fiancé: our names together over a heart. I went home but before I could show him, he said we had to have a 'talk.' Now my ex's name is tattooed on my back. The kicker? Turns out I'm allergic to the ink. FML
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By  shady_angel  |  0

ahh that sucks, but doesnt everyone know u dont get a guy/girls name tattoed on to you unless you married, or you can see into the future n know you are always gonna be together??

By  nomadxx7  |  0

Golden Rule of Tattoos:

Never get a name of a current boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife on yourself. When the ink has dried they dump you. Honestly this has happened a lot to my friends and I don't know why it happens or is more anecdotal than anything but it has refrained me from getting my gf name since I'm pretty sure that as soon as I do I'll be getting the same talk. Silly superstition I know but just seems how it works out with tattoos.

Agree with everyone about getting some sort of tribal or something more of a design than a name. You want to do it for yourself and just in case the one you love dumps you.