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By Anonymous - 16/04/2013 02:20 - United States

Today, my ex-boyfriend, with whom I'm still madly in love, called me and begged me to come back to him. In shock, I asked, "Is this some kind of joke?" He giggled, said yes, and then promptly hung up. FML
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who does that? what a total ********.

homiwan 13

forget him... and search for a new love!!!


homiwan 13

forget him... and search for a new love!!!

It's hard to move on and find a new love interest when you have an asshole ex who still calls you up and ***** with your head like that! It's like opening up an old wound, all emotions come rushing right back. :/ I think it's time to block his number from your phone OP, for your own sanity.

Honestly...if I were OP after having him do that. I'd dust myself off and be look good riddance to immaturity. OP dodged a bullet there.

WrongRomance 11

I would say to date his best friend, but that would sound bad and there is a good chance they have a lot in common. Just wait for a better guy to come :) Keep your chin up.

WrongRomance 11

*WrongRomance, but thanks for playing :)

36...please do not have a relationship ...until you are mature enough to understand how stupid and disrespectful your comment is. Infact try thinking about how you would feel if your best friend dated an ex you loved. Doesnt feel too nice does it?

WrongRomance 11

Oh god, calm down. It was sarcasm. I suppose you ignored the rest of my comment.

WrongRomance 11

Just some insight for you, my ex is dating who WAS my bestfriend.

It's not easy being illiterate you know.

^That's sarcasm. Yours sounded like a really dumb suggestion.

At least you first asked before confessing you're still in love with him. Then you would really embarrass yourself.

Wizardo 33

Holy shit another bitch fight on FML, you all need to back off and review your lives right now because when you do I'm sure you will see the problems with it, sheesh.

who does that? what a total ********.

oj101 33

Why can't we just all get along? Why is there so much spite in this world?

Even my Polly-Anna attitude has been shaken by what happened in Boston today. :(

jojimugo 20

That's cause jackasses like OP boyfriend exist, if you can get rid of douchbags like him then we can get along

zilla52 12

sounds like a asshole your better without. him find a man that cares about you

An* You're* I can't even begin on the second half.

- him and start with "Find". Wasn't that hard, #27? And I agree, #4 :)

dontpanic_fml 32

Judging from 4's profile he's obtained zero concept of punctuation placement.

Not to mention the picture.... I'm gonna have nightmares. (It's a joke. I know that's not him) o_o

If anything, this incident should help you forget him by remembering what an asswipe he was.

ohdangkids 10

well, at least you know what a douchewaffle he is.

so far In the past two days, FML has discovered two psychic women! astounding!

What does that have to do with this fml? A girl posted it....or are you calling her psychotic for still being in love? Either way....invalid

my friend I meant psychic like a fortune teller, and that was in reference to her premonition about him joking.

oj101 33

I hate giving this terribly cliche, overused piece of advice, but in the long term you really will be better off. You'll find a boyfriend who will treat and make you feel like a princess and although you might not be able to see it now, you will be glad to have broken up with that spiteful loser once you fully develop hindsight.


He still have feelings for you, he is just playing hard to get, u too try to turn it around by playing hard to get. Ignore him.

No, she should'nt waste her time on someone so childish.

I cant take your comment serious because of you username.

9, I think you're really a girl who put her gender as male on here, probably due to your username. I can't take your advice seriously because it's something a middle/high school girl does. Really think about what you said & why it's not worth following what you said. It would not work for OP in her situation.

Well who knows? Maybe pussy face is right and OP gave him a reaction that scared him! And men can be childish u know! Besides we don't know how old is OP's boyfriend

So glad you asked if it was a joke before saying yes, yes, yes. Now that would have been worse! He's an immature asshole. Now you know.