By Grand_Cookie - 16/04/2013 08:48 - United States - Norfolk

Today, it transpired that my mom has been spending her stint in prison trying to play matchmaker for me, going so far as to call one of her finds, "good breeding stock". Apparently, I don't already have enough criminals in my life; last September I was the only member of my family of 5 not locked up. FML
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Haha!! Thanks for the support and funny comments! I am a guy and these people she talks about are women and aren't there for anything violent. A few of them have drug/alcohol problems and the rest like to steal things which are also pretty much the same things my entire family did to get locked up at the same time along with some other stuff I don't feel like listing. The sad part is that some of them seem better then the semi-insane girls I usually end up talking to.

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Monopoly does that to people. I end up in jail every time too.

Roskosity 22

Wow. Jail birds of a feather...


Roskosity 22

Wow. Jail birds of a feather...

Damian95 16

Haha at least you can ask for a shank on your birthday! :)

Monopoly does that to people. I end up in jail every time too.

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Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200. Say "hi" to your family.

I always put. Periods in the middle of my sentences.

Good for you for staying out! it's always nice to have options, just in case ;)

Keep on the straight and narrow OP... or at least don't get caught!

Remember kids, it's not illegal if you don't get caught.. Always remember rule #2 admit to nothing..

Please say you have an uncle named Joey...jailbird Joey...

You should give it a chance. You could get hit by Cupid's shiv and propose to her in the prison yard.

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You should be proud of yourself for not ending up like the rest of your family despite growing up and being influenced by them.

This is completely opposite of how the mafia works. Your family tries to keep the family together after crimes are committed; very interesting style.

Mother knows best...? *cough* RUN *cough*

I dont know if its worse when your parents have high standards that you can never reach, or exceptionally low standards like OPs mum :/