By howrude - 11/09/2009 11:57 - Canada

Today, my friends took me out to the most expensive restaurant in town to celebrate my promotion, we ordered everything with expensive drinks too. They 'took a smoke break' and left me with the bill. FML
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It must suck to have to buy your friends. Oops, I meant dinner. Good thing you got that promotion so you can afford both


FYL that sucks. Buuuuttt, hasn't this been done at least twice already? I'm thinking fake. But maybe not, as obviously, I don't really know, so who am I to judge?

Fake... maybe. But then again, people around here seem to call any fucking bum they meet in a run-down, putrid, mould-covered brothel a 'friend'. Raise your standards, you cheap fucks.

What the fuck are you talking about!?!?

I'm talking about how fucking dumb you have to be to consider backstabbing shitheads like that your friends, and how you must really not know them if you didn't see that coming.

ok that makes more sense. iAgree ... and you spelt *mold wrong

A mold is a cast in which something is made. Mould is a build-up of bacteria. At least this is the case in British English.

Erm I'm not sure which of us you're referring to, but just to cover my bases I'll say I didn't consider his interpretation wrong.

Haha thats what you get for making friends with smokers.

Wow you're an idiot. You people make smoking seem like its the fucking devil. -_- You're all like "OMG ALL SMOKERS MUST BE KILLED NO SMOKING IS ALLOWED ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!!!!" Seriously, shut the fuck up. If people want to smoke, they can. Its not smart, but who gives a fuck!

Mind if I grind you up into ash and smoke ya?

Seems it was a bit expensive lesson. On expecting how they would expect you to act, like you should treat them because you will earn more, and on assuring to take non-a...e friends to restaurant. I'm sure nothing would be same with those... Today after reading about people how they got fired because of evil actions of colleagues, I felt disgusted indeed.

I have absolutely no idea what you just said.

... please stand still and refrain from speaking, the Retard Capture Squad will arrive shortly.

*Arrives* The Retard Capture Squad is here to assist!

You better disappear before rape squad arrives, arrogant bitch.

We've got a stubborn one. Please wait while I call for back up. *calls The Elite Retard Extraction Team*

lmao he'd probably need a squad of people to rape for him, seeing as how he otherwise lacks the verbal and physical balls. I await the ERET.

I'm not going anywhere. I'll point you all and ask them to dispose of your useless bodies.

Maybe because I learnt this language later and may be lacking in some parts. But this doesn't let you to be arrogant while I'm trying to tell something. Look at your past comments, easy to notice you...

You have to admire the power of the internet's anonymity to turn otherwise ball-less scrotes into the biggest posturing loudmouths. At least set your profile as public, my dear.

And as it happens, I agree with your original statement. You just need to lighten up a little.

looks like this situation has defused. *calls off ERET*

It must suck to have to buy your friends. Oops, I meant dinner. Good thing you got that promotion so you can afford both

I don't honestly see the point in people claiming things are fake; If it's funny, or something you could have possibly related to [even if made up], it's a good enough FML. IMO, anyway. Anyway, yeah; It sucks. Try and talk to 'em about it, see if there was any sort of reason behind it.. if not, they're crappy friends.

sohigh10 34

it's actually against FML guidelines to say something is fake

Apparently they're not really your friends after all. Also, first? it's hard to tell on iPhone FML. Fail on my part if not.

You fail in every possible fashion imaginable to the human mind and intellect for not only wanting to claim first post, but for doing it on an iPhone. Still, I guess you can afford both an overpriced piece of troll-shit, and the flak you'll get for it, you fucking pretentious cretin! *hug hug, kiss kiss, love you really* >_>

Pwnd. Can I be like you when I grow up?

Well let's see, judging by your name, I'd imagine you're already well along on the road to becoming Dark Lord, soooo... you're hired :D

You're sixth..

:( nots not nice... thats when you pour gasoline in n around their place n light it...BURN BABY BURN...>.


I don't think they're your friends

Dude, if you get a promotion you pay the dinner, that's how it works in the grown up world. Better learn that now than later, you cheap shit.

Yeah, if you get promotion, you pay for dinner or buy them drinks. But abandoning him there like that, with such cheap excuse. If I was there, I wouldn't leave like that, and if he wasn't aware of favor I expect, I'd pay for my own, and I'd do same if I sense he isn't willingly for that. They are leaving their friend like a bitch in brothel and disappearing. This is such rude.

Actually,when you get a promotion,you bit then a drink,not get a huge expensive dinner and pay 100% of it while your friends bail

You pay it if YOU were the one that suggested the dinner, but when your 'friends' take you out for dinner to celebrate it, he shouldn't be paying the bill for a dinner he was invited to...

What you can do is split the bill, I forgot to add to the ending.

I don't think your friends were really happy about your promotion. Bragging about all the extra money and the stock options didn't help. But, when you got really drunk and said how much you'd pay to fuck each of their wives and/or girlfriends, the decided to ditch you. YDI for boasting.

what are You talking about?!?! Don't make shit up!!

Its because of the Smoking Pole break she took earlier with Johnnie, which happened to be friend #1s Husband & Friend #2's son... You should be ashamed of yourself!