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Today, I walked past a man handing out miniature Bibles on my way to class. He handed me one, commenting "here, you look like you need this." FML
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Maybe he KNEW you had a wobbly table leg and it was the perfect size.

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Agree with #1, he's proselytizing for his cult. I suppose he needs to meet his recruitment quota? As a practicing atheist (-: I usually have snarkier replies...

**** you, Christianity isn't a cult. don't be an athirst ass

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at least we have something to believe in

How can one be a practicing Atheist? An Athiest believes in no god or any kind of religion. Saying you're a "practicing Athiest" suggests some kind of routine or ritual. Next time just call yourself an Athiest.

umm Christianity is not a cult... it is one of the worlds leading religions

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Atheist believe in Life, Love, and truth. We don't believe in eternal torture, magic, or the supernatural.

Practicing Atheist? Ok, nonetheless, I totally agree with you.

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More like as a practicing asshole. You can have different views without being a douche.

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You must be a common prostitute, smeared with the paint of seduction, flaunting your wiles for Satan!

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y are u an ass? you're going to he'll someday, and the more you piss on us, the sooner it will be...

Omg no way ur so cool saying that everyone loves ignorant assholes

Maybe he KNEW you had a wobbly table leg and it was the perfect size.

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Maybe you need a shirt like mine that says "Sin like you mean it." *g*

Don't worry, trying to guilt people is how they operate. You're not a bad person, they're just slimy. (Also, I'd have to agree with #6... what do you mean, #2?)

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WAIT. How did he hand you a book after you walked past him!?

lol, what an asshole! ******* religious people