By Michigan - / Thursday 5 February 2009 01:18 / United States
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By  TC_fml  |  0

Agree with #1, he's proselytizing for his cult. I suppose he needs to meet his recruitment quota? As a practicing atheist (-: I usually have snarkier replies...

  kiltsaresexy  |  4

How can one be a practicing Atheist? An Athiest believes in no god or any kind of religion. Saying you're a "practicing Athiest" suggests some kind of routine or ritual. Next time just call yourself an Athiest.

By  HatchetMan  |  0

I would have shoved it down his throat then stomped on his head for awhile. How does your imaginary friend like me now? Bible thumpers be warned, spouting your ignorance to the wrong person might get you fucked-up. I love stomping bible thumpers!!

By  hattar  |  0

lol, what an asshole! fucking religious people

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