By princess4242 - India
Today, I was with my friend and her entire family at a restaurant. While we were eating, her brother who is really cute asked what "brown sauce" is. I said thats probably 'penis' sauce. I'd meant to say 'peanut sauce' but the damage was done. The entire family just stared. FML
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  sdawg27  |  0

haha that sucks, FYI brown sauce is generally espanol sauce one of the five basic mother sauces made pimairaly out of brown roux and beef stock.


I'm gunna say.. YDI.. because you were thinking about his meat sword when you said it..
Men are not objects.. You should stop being such a pervert..

(I'm just kidding.. but if OP was a guy perving on a girl, I could only imagine what everyone would be saying..)