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  DJR_fml  |  2

It wasn't a post. The app Description shows pictures of the app, and the one for user profiles happens to be wuz not here. Probably got their name wrong but you ought a get it

  IAmAZero  |  0

107 - well considering that WAS a quote from =3 then it would make sense. and if he was making a face, why would he/she put a nice kitty face after saying 'stupid'? That's horrid sarcasm. And no one gives a flying walnut about your opinion. This is FML. Not F other people's Ls.


It was simply sarcasm on the fact that one person can make one joke on something and suddenly it appears everywhere. I have nothing against =3 and I watch all his videos because some of his stuff is really good.

  tobedd  |  13

If you're smoking than you can afford to give a few away, it's a luxury not a necessity. *note before I get attacked by smokers, I'm one too*