By Misky - 02/07/2012 02:51

Today, I was walking past a homeless guy while smoking; he asked if he could have a cigarette. So I gave him one and said without thinking, "Sorry, it’s a menthol, but beggars can't be choosers." FML
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Wasn't there a post like this where the hobo wouldn't take a menthol?

cuddlebunny3548 11

Hey, it's true OP. A saying is a saying.


Wasn't there a post like this where the hobo wouldn't take a menthol?

Byahhh 3

That's like when you say something like "bored to death" at a funeral, then realize what you said. It's awkward, but it happens.

Well I'm sure the homeless guy understands the expression more than anyone. He obviously can't afford his own.

Hey you are the guy from the apps photo description!

Oh whoa I just checked that, I don't know if I should be flattered or creeped out (queue flood of people to the app store to see if it's true)

Can somebody copy and paste the post here? I'd like to read it. Thanks.

It wasn't a post. The app Description shows pictures of the app, and the one for user profiles happens to be wuz not here. Probably got their name wrong but you ought a get it

I think they mean the other post with the hobo that refused the menthol

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101-lol so true thats the first thing i thought/did. That ***** cray.

cuddlebunny3548 11

Hey, it's true OP. A saying is a saying.

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Lol poor beggar dude.... That must have been shocking 2 him but alas, a saying is a saying....

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I'm sure he wasn't that shocked he's a homeless guy they hear a lot worse. Op is nice enough to give him one.

Did he chase you around the block and stab you in the leg with a pencil?

If he's a smoker there's no way he has the stamina for that

neither of them have the stamina for that...

49- no but I bet the girl in your picture has a lot of stamina ;)

49- yes, my penis brought me there. Damnit!

Well, it's true, if they're begging, then they'll get what they get, instead of choosing what they get.

twisted_cherub 14

Thank you for explaining the adage we've all heard a million times. I had no idea that's what it meant. [Again, for the sarcasm impaired, ^ an example.]

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45- I hope you die in a wildfire.

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Should of said "Hey homeless guy! Jesus man!"

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59 is fake and gay. Sorry I really had to say that! Dont try to bring =3 down, Ray's the best darned comedian on YouTube

....I think he was just making a face. Probably should have used :3 instead. Also: I like Jenna Marbles better than RWJ.

IAmAZero 0

107 - well considering that WAS a quote from =3 then it would make sense. and if he was making a face, why would he/she put a nice kitty face after saying 'stupid'? That's horrid sarcasm. And no one gives a flying walnut about your opinion. This is FML. Not F other people's Ls.

It was simply sarcasm on the fact that one person can make one joke on something and suddenly it appears everywhere. I have nothing against =3 and I watch all his videos because some of his stuff is really good.

Do you find cigarettes laying on t he floor waiting for you to pick them up? Why should you even give cigarettes to strangers? xD

9-Not everyone is a prick. some people decide to be nice and give things away if they don't exactly need them.

If that was you would you like everyone to ignore you and not help you with something as small as a smoke?

If you're smoking than you can afford to give a few away, it's a luxury not a necessity. *note before I get attacked by smokers, I'm one too*

22cute 17

Yes, and I don't really think that can hurt anyones feelings.

44 - Are you saying the truth doesn't hurt? If so, you're 100% wrong.