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By Anonymous - 04/06/2015 07:06 - United States - Corning

Today, I walked in on my roommate with her ass cheeks spread wide, and her friend ripping a strip of wax off of her while wearing a headlamp flashlight to see if she "got it all". FML
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That is the weirdest thing I've ever heard of, I feel bad for you OP.


I'm the first comment and I agree got life sucks

If only there was a button for that.

That is the weirdest thing I've ever heard of, I feel bad for you OP.

mds9986 24

It was a hairy situation to be in.

mds9986 24

Actually it's not that weird. Me and my girls do it all the time! (Minus the headlamp)

The things people do to look good down there . I don't think I'd be cool with my of my boys clipping my balls or ass though.

Yeah.. what is with the headlamp?

1, really? It's called a waxie moon, happens about once a month.

All the time? How fast does your hair grow down there? It might be time for some laser hair removal... You have my sympathy.

I've heard a lot weirder stuff on fml alone.

How the hell were u trying to be funny?

I wouldn't say it's the weirdest thing but it's pretty up there.

That's a novel use for caving light.

Taking the word friendship to a whole new level.

Spelunking at its fine at, exploring the mythical Anal Cave.

That is straight up gross. FYL for having walked in on that horrid scene.

When I first read this FML I thought it said "I walked in on my roommate ripping her ass cheeks" which is also quite unappealing

You people need to make your mind up lmao one day you guys think it's disgusting to have pubic hair, the next it's gross to be waxing it off..

But being seen as a woman to have any body hair on the buttocks, abdomen etc. is often considered gross too. Many of us are between a rock and a hard place. Hirsutism is awful.

footballer96 11

Uh I think they meant hair around the butthole and not all guys are bothered by hair on women that they usually shave off

Disturbing.... They should lock the door!

There is the possibility that this might have taken place in the living room. yall never know.

ShannonBitt 29

They could also share a bedroom if it's a dorm room or a house with several people living in it.

some places don't have any doors, and the rooms are all connected through small walkways

This will do, rips off wax Nah but that really sucks, maybe knock next time?

Wow, why would anyone actually do that? Sorry OP.

ColonelCusswords 24

To some people that's a no fly zone though ...

khoov19 20

everywhere is an airport or landing strip....there are no real no fly zones

triplebeerox 27

So she was doing that in a communal area? If so, fyl; I wouldn't want to walk into that. If you barged into her room without knocking, you deserve it.

ColonelCusswords 24

You could use some eye bleach. I need some mind bleach...

LMAO cause I did my bf ass yesterday

You laughed your ass off because you did your 'bf ass yesterday'?! Wut?!

@11 , #RelationshipGoals, because I'm hairy too. lol