By runner2731 - 08/06/2012 08:09 - United States - Newark

Today, I saw Thor and I wanted to see how realistic it was to be swinging a hammer around. Wrong idea. I ended up unconscious on the ground for ten whole minutes. FML
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runner2731 tells us more.

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I am gonna watch the avergers soon and I'm gonna watch the incredible hulk, both iron man movies, and captain America.

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ceilingfans 1

You should have started out with a puny hammer instead of a sledge hammer.

Goes to show that you're no Hemsworth...


ceilingfans 1

You should have started out with a puny hammer instead of a sledge hammer.

Can't touch this!

wlddog 14

That's awesome.

Did they get rid of that Facebook FML and replace it with this one?

KiddNYC1O 20

"Except for you, you can touch me."

"I've got diplomatic immunity, so Hammer you can't sue."

You wanted to see if a movie about an ancient Norse god wielding a hammer that shoots lightning as ice giants trying to invade Asgard was realistic.... Really?

Bang, bang! Maxwell's silver hammer came down upon his head.

okay, that was just perfect. and back there who ever said that Thor isn't realistic then... I can't even defend that the hammer in one scene of the new avengers movie, couldn't even be picked up but hulk. HULK! how does that even work. Thor is about 1/2 the size of the Hulk, MARVEL!

The hammer has to choose its user and is impossible to be carried by anyone else. Rookie mistake^

rallets 22

you should have read the side of the mjolnir, you werent worthy enough to possess such power

Goes to show that you're no Hemsworth...

Oh the Hemsworths! What beauties!

unoffensivename 0

No Asgard in your future

and throwing their life away on stoner miley cyrus...

Trisha_aus 15

We love our Aussie least I would be really nice if we regularly see Demi-gods in melbourne

uJelly24 1

What are you 5?

I've done the same, except mine was with a cat made of cotton and to be honest it was quite a lot of fun.

blondebrunette11 4

No.. Just no.

aleeshttylXD 9

AHAHA #63....

mashimarox 12

Everyday I see more and more idiots on FML. YDI.

Every day* just saying.

Just because something dumb happens to someone, doesn't mean they are an idiot. A swinging hammer isn't destined to end in disaster. It was just unfortunate that the hammer swung the wrong way.

Yeah, cause no one could see THAT coming.

Well... OP couldnt haha

HairyPunisher 27

Feared, I wholeheartedly disagree. I don't know if you've ever seen Thor, but randomly swinging a hammer around in that kind of fashion IS destined to end in disaster.

Leadamp 7

I'm going to have to call fake on this one because if you where unconscious for ten whole minutes you would have more than likely ended up with brain damage although judging by this post it seems you already did

And all these years I have been telling people no one could be stupid enough to copy what they see in a movie. Well, clearly I was wrong.

Pfft..... Of course people are!!! If you ever watch those "world's dumbest" type shows, at least 30% of the vid clips are related to a movie scene someone is trying to copy!

But what about "One does not Simply", "Willy Wonka", "Conspiracy Keanu", etc. All those memes wouldn't exist if we didn't copy from movies!

But what about "One does not Simply", "Willy Wonka", "Conspiracy Keanu", etc. All those memes wouldn't exist if we didn't copy from movies!

Woah wtf happened why did my comment post twice??

Those memes require no physical effort.

Aug1508 9

Ydi. Don't you know not to imitate what you see on tv?! I hope you don't try to fly.

Yeah, like it says on a superhero costume cape: "Warning: Cape does not enable wearer to fly." "No capes." --Edna Mode

Stop, hammertime!

MC hammer would destroy Thor... In a dance off.

True, but in looks, he's much prettier ;) Thor is really handsome to say the least. So they got their own strong points

I don't like you. At all

reddudeover 2

41. And my hopes are renewed.

Well ya Thor is handsomer, it's Chris Hemsworth

That's why they make video games

You telling me to ignore it, made me want to acknowledge it even more.

He probably posted a comment, then realised that it was dumb or unnecessary so he edited it.

Yeah that is what I did, thank you (: