By runner2731 - 8/6/2012 08:09 - United States - Newark
Today, I saw Thor and I wanted to see how realistic it was to be swinging a hammer around. Wrong idea. I ended up unconscious on the ground for ten whole minutes. FML
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I am gonna watch the avergers soon and I'm gonna watch the incredible hulk, both iron man movies, and captain America.
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  ahti546  |  11

You wanted to see if a movie about an ancient Norse god wielding a hammer that shoots lightning as ice giants trying to invade Asgard was realistic.... Really?

  equius4life  |  8

okay, that was just perfect. and back there who ever said that Thor isn't realistic then... I can't even defend that the hammer in one scene of the new avengers movie, couldn't even be picked up but hulk. HULK! how does that even work. Thor is about 1/2 the size of the Hulk, MARVEL!

  Feared  |  9

Just because something dumb happens to someone, doesn't mean they are an idiot. A swinging hammer isn't destined to end in disaster. It was just unfortunate that the hammer swung the wrong way.

  Leadamp  |  7

I'm going to have to call fake on this one because if you where unconscious for ten whole minutes you would have more than likely ended up with brain damage although judging by this post it seems you already did

  mikeymayhem_87  |  15

Pfft..... Of course people are!!! If you ever watch those "world's dumbest" type shows, at least 30% of the vid clips are related to a movie scene someone is trying to copy!