By Anonymous - 13/11/2010 06:09 - Australia

Today, I realised I haven't had a date in so long that I actually seriously considered meeting someone from online, purely based on the fact he could spell properly. FML
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Oh dear. So you go on at someone for using a perfectly acceptable different spelling to you, and then when someone points that out you don't care? And not only that, you fail to use a question mark at the end of post number 2 and also use 'your' rather than 'you're'. Apart from that, you seem pretty cool and intellectual.


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someone from online??? and you want a good speller

no one cares that your first OP: J00 //4||7 2 6o 0U7 //!7|-| |/|3?

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That's not sad, it's pathetic I'd say...

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today, u realized u can't spell realize. and that I can't spell u...

Today, you'll hopefully realise that American English is not the only dialect in existence.

don't worry op. the last time I went on a date was… never...

it is sad and the worst part is that h used spell check. :)

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52, only America spells "realise" as "realize". In the other English speaking countries, they spell it right with an S.

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78 - Nice info. Lol I love sarcastic humor.

47, I laugh at you in British English, one of the many English dialects.

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well you all have something in common. do you REALIZE that

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Guess what?! I just realised that people spell "realized" differently! Oh my God, it's so shocking. People in different parts of the world actually have different ways to spell things! o.O

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oh my god guess what? I don't care! shocking?

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oh my god! guess what else... I don't care! shocking that's so great. your awesome. but I STILL don't care

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'Realize' is the American spelling. The British english, used in commonwealth countries, is 'realise'.


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lol. no I might care a little. no... wait... ah, the feeling passed. still don't care

Oh dear. So you go on at someone for using a perfectly acceptable different spelling to you, and then when someone points that out you don't care? And not only that, you fail to use a question mark at the end of post number 2 and also use 'your' rather than 'you're'. Apart from that, you seem pretty cool and intellectual.

wooooooow 25 I wasted 5 seconds reading you're statement complaint, pretty sure all of us still don't care hahaha right meow

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I don't care about that either!!! oh look I use an explanation point!


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ok. I can see you don't care the most. lol

Do you care that it looks like your nipples are popping out of your shirt? Or was that the intention? If so, that's kind of slutty IMHO.

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and do you care that you just got finished looking at the picture of cartoon nipples and NOT a real ******* picture of me. It makes YOU look kind of stupid. I'm just saying.

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29- Exclamation point. I'm pretty sure this one is the same regardless of dialect.

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it is. point, mark.... it's still fun to be on here and read all of the differences people have. hey, I learn something new just about everyday.

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lol! exclamation! right. I did spell that wrong.

Schooling is obviously wasted on you. Maybe you should just have a go at prostitution.

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**** you 81 and you too 69. disrespectful dicks. your mom's a prostitute!

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ha ha ha get em funz, you just told em now not only are they fat impotent boys who question their sexuality who even fails online when talking to a girl who hides behind their computer they got punked by an amine chick. can't get any play online or in life. well they can always go rub zit cream them selves. booger eaters.

funzcpl - Failure. You are a failure. I love how you say you don't care when you're the one who started the whole Grammar Nazi-ing thread. By the way, you're kind of a jerk. Just say you were wrong and get over it. Sheesh. You're just gonna get more hate. (Note my capitalization, regard of spellcheck, punctuation and proper use of your/you're. Note it and remember it. Oh, and 'lol' loses it's effect if it's used CONSTANTLY.)

101 - Actually, "sheesh" isn't a word. :P 35 - :D

83; What's that? Oh you got burnt bitch. Don't get all butt hurt because you tried to look smart and just came across as stupid.

Well, duh! Have you never read anything British or from British-English speaking countries (BBC or other news agencies, novels, articles, etc.?)

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I met someone online and it turned out he is a great guy and we've been seeing each other for a month now :) nothing's wring with meeting people online as long as you know he's harmless lol

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LMAO.. that'd be horrible!! FML would be the worst dating site EVER because your either meeting people whose lives are effed or people who laugh at people whose lives are effed. Or Grammar Nazis.

Someone who can spell on FML? Not likely.

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don't be so desperate! get off fml and get a life.... ( ̄ー ̄)

lol I love ur little faces that u make they is Funny

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*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* thanks!!!

Hmm... you seem to be on FML too. DOH.

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yeahhhhh but I'm not looking for a relationship, just wasting my free time bud. (~_~;)

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What's the point of dating and putting yourself into the web to have a relationship? You got better things to do OP.

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well not only are u a loser but u have a double standard going on cuz YOU cant even spell correctly! 'realise'..? fail. besides that, theres always spellcheck, so they may come off as intelligent but really, theyre a dumbass just like yourself. ydi

If OP's a loser and a dumbass, I don't even know what to call you. For your information, there are people all over the world! O: Sometimes, these people have different spellings than what you're accustomed to! Please, next time you decide to comment, educate yourself for the sake of those of us who are tired of correcting dumbshits like you.

OP is from Australia, they don't spell everything the same as you who may live in Britain or the United States. Just like Britain doesn't spell words the same way the United States does.

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What's with all these uneducated twats who fail to realize the difference between BrE and AmE? I mean really, I learned this at 13 while reading an Agatha Christie novel in which i stumbled upon the word "colour."

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Agree with 58. I was confused when I saw Favourite and Colour. I was 9

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FYI, depending on where you live, realise is a perfectly acceptable spelling variant.

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FYI, depending on where you live, realise is a perfectly acceptable spelling variant.

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Realise is spelt with an 's'. Unless you're American and don't understand etymology.

except we're not the variants, you guys are! You changed the spelling from its origin (England) which is what makes it all the more infuriating when we get told WE spell things wrong

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I think this is hilarious. First of all because, as the previous replies pointed out, it's spelled differently in certain countries. Also because while correcting OTHER people's spelling, you failed to spell 'you' wrong. Plus forgot to have a capital letter at the start of the sentence. Normally it really wouldn't matter, but if you're going to correct other people, make sure your own spelling is correct. You are clearly the dumbass here.

they can spell but you can't type a grammatically correct sentence, "actually seriously????". lol ya..

"Actually seriously" could be argued as correct. The adverb "Actually" could modify the adverb "Seriously." If you ever learned anything in Elementary school, you'd know that adverbs can modify another adverb. When the OP said "Actually seriously considered," it means that she considered in an actual and serious manner. Which seems correct to me. Anybody care to object? I could be wrong. I'm not perfect, so somebody let me know if I'm right.

hahahaha did you REALLY just say all of that to argue about sentence structure and whatnot? Wow you guys are so silly and clearly bored sometimes to defend something I said as a joke; no no please continue to do so :D hahahaha

@37 You just went in two different directions. You started off with one modifying the other and ended up with both of them modifying the verb on their own. But regardless, it can still be considered "correct." It's another way of saying "surprisingly, I seriously considered...", but probably a less ideal way.