By uhoh.. - 22/03/2015 19:51 - Canada - Nanaimo

Today, a girl was making fun of me for being a virgin and, "never seeing a nipple". I have three. FML
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It's sad that being a virgin is seen as a bad thing.

Hey... Nothing wrong with being a virgin. Or having extra nipples...


Hey... Nothing wrong with being a virgin. Or having extra nipples...

Yeah there are a few famous people with that condition too and theyre considered "hot" by the other sex. Don't let it hold you back op

There's nothing wrong with it, but a lot of people do treat you like a child when you're a virgin. I'm one myself, and I'm 19 y/o. The majority of people I know aren't virgins anymore, but they all act like they're better than me or something. But anyway, be proud of your virginity! Don't do things you'll regret later on, just because you want to get it over with. For example; I'd rather die a virgin, than give my virginity to a guy who isn't worth it. Your first time has to be special imo, and there are already enough things I regret in life. (Things that are my fault, but also plenty that aren't). I won't let losing my virginity be something I'll regret, I hope you won't either (:

Harry Styles has four nipples I think - he even points to them in Kiss You

Jimmy Carr was a virgin until he was 29 I think

Yup, nothing wrong with being a Virgin. I don't know why it's such a big deal to be one at your age in this day and age. I mean like expectancy is getting closer to 100 years old now, so there's no rush.

Yep. In another 5 years time when they're counting their total partners, they're going to look at you like a Demi-god and think damn, that person was smart

#66, my inner fangirl woke up when I read "Demi-god". Gotta love Percy jackson

What's the third nipple? I am serious, I'm just slow learning.

I ran out of time to edit my comment. -.- #66, that's what I was thinking too. Imo, it's better to hear that your SO has barely any expierence, than to hear they've slept with 30 people or something. But again, that's just my opinion :)

@70... it's a nipple.

I'm also a 19 y/o virgin and I feel the same way. I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way.

It is literally a nipple, not always fully formed I think, that is somewhere on the body for example, the chest.

You know how people generally have two? Well add one more. Bam, third nipple.

One can't have too many nipples!

It's not a nipple, it's a nubbin!

^ said by Chandler Bing. It was a Friends reference and I got it 37. As soon as I read 3 nipples I thought of Chandler and his "nubbin"

It's sad that being a virgin is seen as a bad thing.

your profile picture is amazing

A virgin nipple kinda sounds like a non-alcoholic drink haha

yoursucklives 36

that addition "i have three" made me laugh. anyway, nothing wrong with being a virgin, sex isn't everthing.

She should know what she is missing out on, since "seeing nippels" is so important to her..

Definitely not how I thought that was going to end. Nothing wrong with either of those things, though, she's probably a whore if she thinks that's such a big deal.

she Is obviously a slut if she thinks being a virgin is a bad thing

I'm thinking she's a virgin herself. Just because you're a virgin doesn't mean you haven't ever seen nipples before. Inexperience and/or being naive is really the only excuse I can think of for a girl saying that. Making fun of something so personal is so immature.

Friends fan? The source of all Chandler's power....

Except he gave up that power. OP still has a chance!