By lalala_hahaha - 23/09/2010 23:18 - France

Today, I had some girlfriends over, while my parents were having a party at our house. My drunken dad decided to come down to the basement and show us all his third nipple. FML
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FireBug24_7 0

What. The. Fuck?!

At least he didn't show them his second head :|


FireBug24_7 0

What. The. Fuck?!

stephanie0613 0

your dad has a third nipple! gross.

1in 100 people have 3 nipples

bosskidz20 2

what the buck? third nipples? some girlfriends?

tweetbaby14 18

YDI for using a word to mean female friends that hasn't been used by many in over a year. and ew third nipple tell him to use windex; the Greeks use it on everything else and they're just fine.

moonmask 0

45 what is this I don't even

my friend has one :D

mcme 0

illustrated FML version of this please?

there was a guy in james bond with 3

exactlywat i wuz thinkin

smileyxo4 5

Does it open the delivery entrance to the magical land of Narnia?! Friends..? Anyone..? Chandler..? No..? Okay.

75 - you're awesome, i was looking for a chandler reference!

Kanvis78 0

He was waiting for your friends to show him what normal nipples look like.

jkgfdxb 0

hahahahaha this made me lauph so hard. your dad seems pretty cool.

ADL8 0

and you seem pretty hot!

some dad u got there ;)

lostinmymind121 0

At least that's all he showed them.

At least he didn't show them his second head :|

KarinaLizeth18 5

LMFAO!! So true!

I was thinking the same thing.

jersey fist pump

lol that's awesome : )

iSexxxy 0

That's hott.


FYLDeep 25

Got Milk?