By anon - 10/11/2012 21:14 - United States - Kent

Today, I delivered a pizza to a guy so high out of his mind that I had to let myself in and set it down on a table, because he'd forgotten how to walk, and was on the ground sobbing. FML
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fancymega 7

Maralize legajuana

AbstraktThoughts 13

Chill with him, eat his pizza? ;) he won't remember it.


boycrazy30007 12

At least you have a hilarious story to tell people now.

So this one time at band camp...

Unibear 1

Where did "band camp" come from?

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Band camp thin was from American Pie.

brodie1709 5

Please explain how this is a FML?

That's awesome I bet he had a crazy night

So many... Thumbed down... Comments...

Cause they all suck

Thumb me down fuckers

Ddevon 4

And that was the day no one got upvoted.

citymayer 7

Except for you.

Can I join the thumb downed club?

threer 30


That's when you back out slowly.

Airborn0280 18

No! That when you ask him where does he buy he weed.

As long as OP got the money I don't see the FML part.

If he was that high, it probably wasn't weed. Haha

That's when you say "that'll be 95 dollars..."

winnerme123 8

Why would you back out slowly? If he's so high he forgot how to walk I doubt he can shoot a gun.

I love how the fml is from Washington XD

165, if he had a gun, then you would back out quickly. Very quickly.

AbstraktThoughts 13

Chill with him, eat his pizza? ;) he won't remember it.

If he won't remember it, might as well get him to tip you a bunch

May as well. Pizza delivery men are like the taxi drivers of the high world.

lottievaughn 5

Like that My Name is Earl episode with stoner Christian Slater! Come on! Somebody else HAS to know what I'm talking about!

noobgang7 5

He won't forget, have you ever smoked marijuana?

Maybe not, but by the time he realises, OP is long gone. Easy!

mariah3269 4

I don't think weed has that effect...he's on that other stuff *sniff sniff*...

fancymega 7

Maralize legajuana

Already has been in a few states

Well that went right over your head.

I'm so lysdexic, I read that normally. :P

Oh lmao I read it as one thing

#33, I read it normally also lmfao

i doubt he was high on marijuana

^ that's what I was thinking. Sounds more like alcohol to me. Weed has NEVER made me do that!

At 184 what alcohol has made you forget how to walk?

You obviously havent smoked enough in one sitting then :P

Hope he had his wallet on him.

I get the impression that he paid by credit card when he ordered the pizza

Even if they do pay by credit card, they gotta sign their receipt.

You don't say.

Give yourself a huge tip

Keep the pizza, he won't remember you.

U_GotitDude 18

I hate when that happens

He likely didn't even remember ordering the pizza to begin with

163- That was just a bad joke that made no sense at all.

So did he pay for it? If he did pay for it then why do you care? Not an fml but not ydi either, stop being upset about things that don't matter

I would of taken his money and run!

flutter4 7

That's probably why you don't deliver pizzas

No you wouldn't have.

62- wouldn't of* Sarcasm.

89- not sure if you meant the correction of 62s already correct sentence was sarcasm, of the original comment.

That's not sarcasm, 89. Not at all.

Maybe you're right Fuzz97… or maybe not

The_F3rris 11

Karma will get you.

KiddNYC1O 20

Run back to a good English school.

Anyone want to play the,"let's guess what state this guy lives in game" ?

Detroit, i win.

This is a wild guess, I know, but I'm going to say Washington? Yea. Final answer. God I hope I'm right.

It says what state he lives in right at the top.

kleider1 9

state of confusion, hachachachachacha

16 - It doesn't say on the phone app.

39 - I'm on the phone app and it says for me.

Phone app still states where OP is from.

It depends on the app. Some do, some don't.

13- In what dimension is Detroit considered a state?

The 183rd dimension. Did you hear how lovely the continent of Hawaii is there?

gmc_blossom 21

9- Do you have to try hard to be that stupid or does it just come naturally?

Maybe you guys are on iPhone? Because the state isn't on the Android app..

Clarifying this for all of you confused people--It says "Washington."

Pretty sure he was just making the joke because Washington state just voted to legalize marajana. (Nope, I don't know how to spell that, so have at it grammar nazis!)

It must be an Altered State.

Yes it does

apologies. I know some apps show the state but mine does not :/ may the thumb downs gods forever punish me.

Thank you for being so considerate to victims of gravity. You truly are a hero to many. Love, Stoners everywhere