By lonesomegal - 30/01/2015 18:11 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, my sister asked me how my boyfriend was doing. He died two years ago. She was the first person I told. FML
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Have you not had contact with her in the last two years?


Maybe she just wasn't think straight when she asked?

redheadedmonster 24

Wow. Shows how much she pays attention to you.

Could she have been doing it to purposefully upset/provoke you?

MzZombicidal 36

I hope it was just a mistake, OP. If it wasn't then I'm sorry for your loss and you being stuck with a sucky sibling :(

Have you not had contact with her in the last two years?

I believe so since she said she was the first person she told..

OP means that her sister was the first person she told WHEN her boyfriend died, two years before. Meaning, the fact that her boyfriend died should be already known to her sister.

mojobanks 8

Sorry for your loss OP. Maybe she slipped up and meant to ask how you were doing in regards to your boyfriend.

Sorry for your loss lady and hopefully she realized her mistake I'm sure she intended no harm.

c0untblah 4

Sounds like your not very close to your sister, either because you live far away from each other or you just don't get along, either way hoping you two haven't met for some time and she said that out of habit rather than purposely hurting you

Sorry to hear OP, she should remember something that important but I still feel kinda bad for her. She probably feels horrible.