By Anonymous - Italy - Padova

Asshat bus drivers, with their "rules"

Today, as I tried to get off the bus, my bag and the hand holding it got stuck between the exit doors. I dropped the bag in panic, but the driver wouldn't let me off until we got to the next stop. I had to walk all the way back to get my bag. FML
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  Bobby319  |  24

He's not being a twat, he has a schedule to keep and if he's late he can lose his job

  Vegetarian27  |  24

It doesn't confirm that the bag was still there. OP said that they had to walk back to get the bag, that does not mean that the bag wasn't missing when they got back to where it was lost.

By  Tarlachia  |  33

If I understand this right, you had your hand and bag outside the doors, which closed on your arm, thereby causing you to panic and drop the bag? Did you just stand there with your hand in the door; or, was it the other way around in which it was only your hand inside the bus and your body haphazardly bouncing on the outside of the bus?