By shouldhaveknown - Australia
Today, I finally thought that my mother was okay with me being a lesbian. Then, over dinner, she turns to me and says "So, do you still think you like girls, or are you going to start being normal again?" FML
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By  Muzikluvr93  |  0

oh my god I know how you feel. I came out to my mom recently and got me kicked out of the house so I live with my grandparents. she called me the other day and was like "so have you changed your mind yet? " and I said "sorry mom I'm with my girlfriend. I'll call you later".
Just hang in there. :) you got this.


soooo when are you going to start acting normal again? Imagine if we were all gay, how much longer would the human race survive? zero generations because there would be no babies to be had which makes homosexuality about as smart as shooting someone.

  ama17  |  0

So you're basically saying that all the people who go through life not having children or those who are UNABLE to have children are not worth anything to society because they're not normal? Whether they're gay or not, if people don't procreate, they should be shot? You're a homophobic dumbass.

  spamtastic404  |  0

but we're not all gay retard. =_= only some people are. and even the gay community is small compared to the staright peoples. we wont die out from not procreating we're gonna die out CUZ of procreating. simple knowlegde. learn it.

  elara15  |  0

Obviously, suaveneanderthal, you fail to realize how environmentally irresponsible heedless heterosexuality is, how great a threat overpopulation is to the future of the human race. Homosexuality is nature's system of checks and balances.

  Roxas_fml  |  0

Even if someone was gay, they could still have children. Because people would be smart enough to know they need to bring life into the world to keep the race going and they will have sex with the opposite sex to fulfill this. It's like Asexual folks. Some of them still have sex so they can start a family.

  ElliexMarie  |  0

that's wrong .
she should respect who you are.
everybody is human ; everybody is normal.
whether they are gay, lesbian, biseuxal , tranniee; WHATEVER .
it doesn't matter. we are all equal .

  Tahiri  |  2

We'd be wiped it if all of humanity was breeding. We have limited resources

As a lesbian, I know what she's going through. My mom never got over it.

  redsox4021  |  0

holy shit people on this website are idiots. We are overpopulated, runing out of food, and fresh water. i don't think some people being homosexual will end our race you idiots. And if they are gay their not gonna have kids any way, yes they could
but look at it their way, you wouldnt want to have sex with someone your same gender? no. Unless our population falls down under 5 million people we don't have problem, by the way there are 6 billion of us, if anything them not having kids is good. bottom line we don't need to worry about gays ending the human race we have a lot more problems to worry about. fucking idiots on here


She probably thinks you're a lesbian as fad...which sorry to break it to some of you, it does happen. But it sounds like you're really lesbian so FYL. Just talk to your mom and explain it to her.

  Finnboghi  |  0

I wouldn't say SDI, since you can't exactly control a congenital disease.

And before I get flamed, read up on the subject instead of just being a sheep.

According to the World Health Organization's definition of disease, homosexuality fits 100% into the category of mental illness.

  ama17  |  0

Homosexuality is not a mental disorder. You may think that it fits 100% into what could be considered 'symptoms' of a mental disorder but that's strictly your opinion.

Check it up in the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

  Finnboghi  |  0

I'm not talking about the symptoms, I talking about the cause.

Homosexuality stems from an imbalance of chemicals in the mother during a specific stage in the baby's development, which either causes the brain's attraction center to switch (if the baby is to remain a girl) due to an excess of testosterone, or remain (if the baby is to switch to a girl) due to an absence of testosterone during the period (which lasts only a couple of days).

It's not a matter of opinion, it's a straight-forward fact.

Also, don't be so bitchy about it.

  Samael_fml  |  0

If that was a "straight forward fact" established with enough scientific evidence, the huge ongoing debate regarding the cause of homosexuality would not still be going on (at least in the scientific community). Nice try, though.

  CannibalGuy  |  0

ok Finnboghi that's incorrect. That is NOT an established 'fact' and the causes of homosexuality, although thought to be partly genetic, are still, for the most part, unknown.

  Ishari  |  0

Um yeah. Just because something is called a "mental illness" does not mean that it's entirely negative. People are just being bitchy about Finnboghi's comment because they don't want to admit that it's a mental illness. See...annorexia is a mental illness but annorectics don't want to admit it. Kinda along the same lines.

  Finnboghi  |  0

Woot! I made a friend.

Also, global warming is still 'open discussion' despite all evidence (including the theoretical cause itself) pointing to it being at least wrong, if not the polar opposite of the truth (small pun intended).

The simple fact is, all science is theory. And until a better one comes along, the previously stated theory is the most widely accepted.

Don't just vote down my posts because you believe that it's not a mental illness.

The simple fact is, it's an abnormality of the brain, making it, regardless of cause, a mental illness.

Also, in case the fact I'm stating this from the point of view of a simple observer, and not a supporter nor objector of homosexuality, I am not saying homosexuals are bad, or good, I'm just saying they are.

  redsox4021  |  0

finnbohgi your right about how it starts as a baby with a chemical imbalance, however I wouldn't say that it's mental illness, I guess it might fight into the catagory of a mental illness but when you say 'mental illness' people assume you mean they are retarded or something.

  kinoroy  |  0

@Finnbogh, Just to let you know homosexuality was REMOVED from the World Health Organization's list of mental illnesses in 1990. Long time ago, stop being ignorant and open your flipping mind.

  mortiz91_fml  |  6

i honestly don't have anything against gay people but i agree that it is not completly normal. humans were created to procreate and mate (male and female) so maybe that's what the mother meant. again, don't get me wrong...i dont mind gay people :)

By  wildfire393  |  0

Yeah... something like this happened to a friend of mine. Her mom seemed mostly OK with her being a lesbian, until she got her heart broken when she was dumped. Then her mom told her "you deserved that for dating a girl".

By  plexico  |  3

You think your life is fucked? Her chance at being a grandma have been destroyed (or, at least, diminished if your have straight, fertile siblings) by your orientation.

Being a grandparent looks like a helluva lot more fun than parenting. So, she had to suffer with you and you trun around and deny her the pleasure of a grandchild. FHL!

  go_rangers  |  0

Gays and Lesbians can still have children, you know.

Plus, that would make her mom INCREDIBLY selfish, if the only reason for kids was to have grandkids. Your child's happiness should be above your own.

  chibihotaru  |  0

Yes, because you are absolutely REQUIRED to spawn just for your parent's happiness.

And for the record, there are PLENTY of other options for having children. Ever heard of adoption? Sperm donors? Surrogacy?

  lmmmr  |  0

#107- There was nothing offensive about his comment, simply truthful. The bible was written by man. If I wanted to take the advice of an old book, I'd listen to Beowulf over the bible. Less bullshit.

  lacalina  |  0

to the bible-thumpers: okay, so we should do everything the bible says... like disrespect women, engage in torture, practice slavery, and killing people who have different religious beliefs than us? yeah sure. i'm strong enough to regulate my own morality without your help thanks, and i think its IMMORAL to discriminate against someone because they are gay!

also: lesbian couples can still have children through in virto fertilization, adoption, or other methods. just because someone is in a homosexual relationship, doesn't mean they won't produce grandchildren.

gays and lesbians don't hurt us -- stop being so afraid of them. they don't affect heterosexual couples at all, so i don't get why some straight people have issues with them.

  qqwet1  |  0

I doubt your mum really hates you or dislikes it, she may still be trying to get used to the fact etc..

and for who ever it was who said we should "follow the bible" IF you believe in a god, you are an idiot, science created the universe not some mythological being..

  xo_emily_xo  |  0

Wow, what the fuck?!

Jesus Freak, much? It should not matter to you if someone is gay, if someone is tall, or if someone is black. It's all about their personalities, and it is an FYL, because being gay IS normal. There is nothing NOT normal about it!

  pwnge  |  0

Your life shouldn't be f******ed, your parents life should be. I was appalled that it was your MOTHER that wasn't okay with your sexual orientation. Parents shouldn't poke at your differences, rather, they should shield you from the people who are making fun of you. If your mother isn't okay with your sexuality, then she is in no fit state to be a mother.

  egonzalez114  |  0

i hate when people throw that, "it says it in the bible," crap at you. I understand that the bible teaches people lessons, morals, and gives us hope to believe that there is good in the earth. However the bible was written by five million different guys who could have made up their own opinions about the things that they believe in. Therefore what it says in the bible isn't 100% accurate; they could have just made ideas up.

  firesspawn  |  0

@314 - Maybe her mother was just trying to get used to her daughter being lesbian. I'm not saying what her mother did was right, and you're right she should shield her daughter from such critisizm, but it may not be completly her fault, and possibly giving her time she can accept her daughter.

  Retillias  |  0

Those people using the Bible as a reference... matter of faith. Christianity may be against it. But just becuase YOU think that doesn't mean everyone else has to.

  xNephilim  |  18

The Bible also said that some dude got eaten by a huge fish and you don't go around actually believing that.
That's what I hate so much about religion. Religion makes people intolerant, stuck-up and narrowminded.