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Today, I was at a party, and someone called the cops on us. I dove into a bush that turned out to have thorns. I got multiple cuts and a sprained wrist, and got arrested anyway. Its kind of hard to hide from the police when you're screaming in agony. FML
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Easiest game of hide and seek for them. Sorry for the rough night.


I think this is where "think fast" comes in pretty handy...

Honestly I thought this fml would have way more YDI's

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If they take you to prison, don't drop the soap.

The smirk on your face makes me think that you would like OP to drop the soap.

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#15 ha-ha-ha ho ho haha haaa! and i thought my jokes are bad..

Well, you thought right. #15 has some votes for his joke, while you, sir, are beginning to be downvoted into oblivion.

Commenting anything on FML that isn't full of puns, really funny, a different opinion or correctly spelt gets you downvoted into oblivion

Pretty sure he's getting down voted into oblivion because he's joking about dropping the soap, not blowing up a city or a ferry. Stick to your usual material Joker, it just works for you :)

Easiest game of hide and seek for them. Sorry for the rough night.

You always make it worse when you run - it might've been a warning if you'd stayed put

-ugh. As in *though*. Is it really that hard to type three more letters?

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Seriously... What is so bad about proper English?

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Lets see.. #5 is missing the U, G and H.. looks like three letters to me.

And I'm pretty sure #52 beat you to saying this about 7 hours prior.

Sorry my cousin sent this not me - he doesn't know how to spell and he was using my ipad...

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Sure he was... we've all used that trick.

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Everyone who regrets a comment seems to conveniently have an illiterate cousin that is always borrowing electronic devices and using their relative's accounts instead of their own. Also, how did you know to come back here and check replies to your cousin's comments? Yeah. Your cousin. Right.....

the superiority complex you grammar nazis have is unbelievable. bad grammar is not the end of the world, get over yourselves.

Well I'm sorry I'm kind enough to let my cousin use my phone.

'Bad OP, bad OP, this is what he did when they came for thee.'

Hope the the Judge doesn't have a thorn in his side when you face him.

How does this get less ydi than the fml above this...

Because it's apparantly worse to fart in public than to go to a party where there is likely underage drinking or drugs.

And the pregnant woman who cried got a ton of YDIs