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Today, my car keys decided to play hide and seek. Good news: I found them under my bed. Bad news: it was after my job interview was scheduled to start. FML
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Always keep your car keys in the same spot or else things like these happen!

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I don't think telling the person interviewing you that you lost a game of hide and seek with your keys is a smart thing to do.


Explain to the interviewer the situation?

Dblocker 18

I don't think telling the person interviewing you that you lost a game of hide and seek with your keys is a smart thing to do.

Because the saying goes "honesty is the worst policy"....

3- Then don't word it like your 8... He should understand

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There are plenty of jobs everywhere.

Petepoop - Really? So all of those American economists talking about how bad the American job market is doing are just plain wrong? Thank goodness we have you to clear things up for us. Thank you so much.

20 lives in a fantasy world called YOLO, California. That's not in America.

Honestly, petepoop, if your profile says yolo and "jb is life", every time you comment it should say "(-1000) ****** buried, click to show anyway"

Petepoop if you live in "yolo, california" and your profile says "jb is life" you probably shouldn't comment. You came to the wrong neighborhood, MF!

People want to hire people that are reliable, I don't think saying that OP lost his keys would be good idea

1 doing that just proves to the employer that you are unorganised '-'

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That will not work because the interviewer gave the job to someone that was prepared, organized, and ready for the opportunity that many Americans aren't getting right now.

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Call the place and let them know; they may be understanding.

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Yea hopefully. But unfortunately it was his/her fault, so there's not much OP can say. Or you could lie and say you were attacked by killer pandas.

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It sounds like a good solution, but unfortunately it's little things like that an employer takes note of. Punctuality, organisational skills, it doesn't matter if you are actually in control of the situation at all. It all adds up. As an employer, I'd look at it as OP being poor at organisation, even the simple task of keeping track of keys. It seems unfair but the job market is so competitive these days, employers are very picky.

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Bus/taxi/friend/family all options you can have

Those damn tricksters. Threaten to use a magnet on them if they ever hide from you again.

I've used that threat; it didn't work. They still manage to drunk dial my contacts when I'm not looking.

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Your keys drunk dial? Interesting.

How do they manage to consume alcohol?

I'm assuming they're drunk. I look at my text history, and there's no other explanation. "Yur keys so sexy. Tubular gilded yum. Tell her Im the skeleton key that can fit right in n unlock her heart ;) ;)" Note: that was almost too painful to write, both by the grammar and punctuation, and the pure disturbing content.

This thread has taken a rather sinister turn.

As an interviewer, I hate it when people are way late and decide not to call. I might have other interviews or paperwork to do. If you call and tell me you are running late, I can tell you want the job. OP, always, always, always call if you even think you might be late.

Always keep your car keys in the same spot or else things like these happen!

Howd they end up under the bed anyways? Seems like a very odd place.

I think OP hid the keys from him/herself in his/her sleep because subconsciously OP did not want the job.

Today, I after my keys were lost I tried yelling marco and was late to my interview waiting to hear polo. FML

Hopefully you still went to the interview, sometimes the interviewer runs late also. If not you could at least explain, who knows sometimes persistence pays off and what looked ugly can turn into a wonderful opportunity.

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No, you've never played against your phone on silence.

Actually a phone that is completely turned off is the master. A silenced phone at least has the potential to light up.

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The key maker from the matrix had them.

Always put them somewhere you know you will find them. Like the kitchen counter or something. Sorry OP, next time:)

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I find it really ball-wrenching when one puts something in a place where you are bound to never forget, but then you forget it....

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Yeah I always keep mine on a key holder, works great!

I keep mine in a drawer in a bureau by the door. It really is handy.

Not everyone has access to a bus route near their house. The closest bus route from my house for example is about 20 miles away.