By iFail - United States
Today, I waited anxiously until midnight to open my Christmas presents. As the clock struck midnight, I ran out into the living room, super-excited to open them, only to discover that everyone in our house had already opened theirs, and had all gone to bed. FML
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  My2864  |  1

i dont get the american obsession with christmass
i personally hate christmass and only open the presents cause its a fun celebration with family..
how can they be so selfish to not even wake you up...

By  RufusCade  |  7

WTF? Why don't you open your presents together? That just shows that getting presents at x-man is all about getting, not giving. So f-cking selfish of you and your family! YDI

  blondie2476  |  9

I'm assuming op meant that they usually open presents all together, but this year her family didn't tell her they were opening presents before midnight, so it's not necessarily their fault

  PuppiesKisses  |  15

Yeah, screw people who like opening presents on Christmas. We're all horrible people who deserve to have shitty stuff happen to us.

That or you're an idiotic jerk. One of the two.

By  wolfpackchick10  |  0

Why would your family do that and not come & get you? That just doesn't really make any sense...I'm finding it a little hard to believe. But perhaps you just have an asshole family.