By haggisbowl - United States
  Today, my boyfriend stated that we should play a game where one person asks the other a question, and they answer it with a picture. I thought it sounded fun so I said yes. His first question was, "Do you shave your vagina?" FML
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By  bellaj67  |  4

Awks as...

  22cute  |  17

Tell him you can shave your pines, or shave your pussy but there is no hair on your vagina and it is internal so it's unsafe and pointless to shave it. Basic 5th grade anatomy

  stolencookie  |  17

Why would he find out soon enough? You don't HAVE to sleep with someone right away just because you're dating, especially if they try creepy (albeit clever) shit like that. People sometimes break up before having sex.


So I can take that to mean you shave as well pentium4? I mean if it's so scary to have body hair. If you are muff diving with a tounge ring, shaving is a valid concern. Otherwise it's just your own issues