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Nice, thanks

Today, I finally accepted my grandma's friend request on Facebook. I commented on a family photo album she'd uploaded, joking that the quality would greatly improve once she added pictures of me. My comment was met with, "Shut up you sewage rat". FML
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  grunt_fml  |  17

You have NO idea. Old people can be even more ruthless gruesome self-seeking bastards than kids. I work in an ER - an just last week I tried to declare to an old women with a minor bruise, that unfortunately she would have to wait, since she started to embarrass the staff and even began to clutch staff. Because if we send the trauma surgeon to her and not to the screaming and rattling twen girl with polytrauma, that was just transported into our ER right in front of her eyes, that girl would surely die. The grannie-from-hell responded in an ice cold voive "Well, already send him to me!" and she was meaning it. However, our surgeon who was passing us two at that moment immediately replied to her with the same ice-cold voice "You know what helps best for your kind of injury? Time! Lots and lots of it!".

  kiaora_fml  |  11

You should of posted this as an FML if you haven't already! I agree older people can be just as rude as the younger ones, I have dealt with both at work.

  at0micmin3r  |  23


UNLESS.... you somehow ACTUALLY deserved it. Idunno, you've gotta be rational here... What if OP is a giant brat IRL but we only heard this part of it?