By Anonymous - 12/07/2015 14:21 - United States - Boca Raton

Today, my grandpa accidentally posted a nude photo of himself on Facebook. I will never be able to unsee that. FML
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I feel like you escape the obligation of liking your family's posts in this case


Well... did you save it?

Obviously she did'nt. thats disgusting... Sorry you had to see that OP

you scrub always thread jacking gtfo

I don't understand how people don't like your comment. It's supposed to be a joke.

hunterluv1 20

Who jokes about saving their grandparents nudes?

@MJS103 Thank you!

mds9986 24

Just blame the delirium.

There's like a 5 step ass it was accidental.

You, Sir, are a boss

I feel like you escape the obligation of liking your family's posts in this case

Show your support! He's just expressing himself. Give that photo a like and a share! :)

The mind erasers from MIB need to become nonfiction.

bigblackdude101 16

I'm not trying to be a dick or anything, Im just letting you know it's called a neuralyzer. imma huge MIB fan lol

Hahaaaa same!

In moments like this, brain bleach is not enough.

After that, I'd give up all electricity, become Amish, and go to therapy for the rest of my life.

WordBea 23

Imagine how he felt! In all seriousness OP, you're a prime example of why we need to push for scientists to develop brain bleach.

I wouldn't even want to know his reasoning for it.

As OP said, it was an accident! The elderly (often) have a sex life which might include sexting, nothing special about it.

He simply mistook Facebook for Tinder/Snapchat, that's all.

Probably just misclicked the share->Facebook buttons on the photo in his gallery

Or perhaps had it set to auto-publish photos to Facebook

xoxoblondee 31

It's better than YOU accidentally posting one and your grandpa liking it....

DaEpicTaco 13

Haha that's kinda funny

On the bright side, your grandpa is still alive

That took a rather dark turn, for a bright side.