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Today, I uploaded a cute photo of my boyfriend and me on Facebook. Ten minutes later, his friend commented: "Dude! You're supposed to capture the Snorlax, not date it!" FML
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Woah. Harsh much. There is no need for his friend to be so rude. Clearly he is insensitive whereas I'm sure your boyfriend is able to see past that-considering he is dating you. As rough as it is, try and look past it? It's a reflection on him, not you.


Woah. Harsh much. There is no need for his friend to be so rude. Clearly he is insensitive whereas I'm sure your boyfriend is able to see past that-considering he is dating you. As rough as it is, try and look past it? It's a reflection on him, not you.

It's a suggestion. Sometimes punctuated with a question mark. Please forgive me my grammatical flaws but you will find it to be relatively common in various forms of writing.

Obviously, I was being a smart alec. Went right over your head.

Just like the the person that made the original Snorlax JOKE, Buh every seems to have no sense of humor in here

Comment got deleted? Anyway I was being a smart alec, which went right over your head.

Troll mod unnecessarily deletes comments. (If I get banned for saying this then troll mod abuses power)

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How did you manage to write all this and still be the first comment?

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#1: thats so ****** up & i hope ur boyfriend stood up for u and said something to him.... #2 if u have a good sense of humor and wanna let it roll of ur shoulders then u should b like well obviously he did catch me since we are together... nd #3 id say to him: i didnt know penises could talk, oh look a naked mole rat commented on my picture of play the pokemon card as well nd be like: i may be snorlax but at least im not garbodor (he literally is a pile of garbage... lol)

98 - I don't know if this is what 1 did, but I've seen some people write quick, concise things like "I'm sorry" or "that suck", submit the comment, and then edit it with their full idea.

107- Oh I'm sure he'd have tucked himself sobbing hysterically into a corner at that rapier-sharp comeback. I'd hate to get into a pokémon themed fight with you.

117- I don't really care that much to try and get first. What's the big deal anyway? I comment to give my opinion on FML's that I find interesting. :)

Honestly I think this is extremely funny and I'm favoriting it haha

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That actually really sucks. That would make a very awkward introduction if ever came the time for you to meet your boyfriend friends and that particular one was there. But on the other hand -- I hope your boyfriend defended you. Sorry OP

Good god that first comment was so full of shit, so cliche for some FML posters, can people use their imaginations please -.-

Don't mind him, OP. That guy is just a hater :P

Is he? Snorlax is persistent, difficult to catch, and desired (if you want to catch em all). Maybe this was actually a complement.

OP should have replied that she was the one "playing the Poke Flute" in this relationship.

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maybe he's jealous that he didn't get the snorlax?

If everybody thinks you're fat, they're not haters. They're right.

Gonna catch 'em all! POKEMON THEME SONG!!!

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That's something a Snorlax couldn't do.

You'll be much happier in life, if you learn to ignore this kind of people early on.

4- I completely agree. My life improved greatly many years ago when I stopped caring about the opinions of people who clearly didn't care about me. ;P

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Or if she loses 100lbs, whichever comes first

I've had some of my boyfriend's friends say less than desirable things about me, and I've had some of my own friends say less than desirable things about him. Needless to say, we don't associate with some of those people anymore and we're still together two years later. When it comes to being a relationship it really only matters what the people in the relationship thinks about each other and many outside opinions are going to be ignored. OP shouldn't worry about what her boyfriend's friend thinks. Be obviously thinks she is beautiful if he is with her.

Well my comment failed on so many levels. Ugh. I need to not type so fast.

96/102- I thought your comment was nice and it showed me that both you and your boyfriend had your priorities in the right order. So don't beat yourself up over it, it was certainly better than advising Op to go lose 100 lbs. ;)

Good job it's not his friend dating you then huh?

Maybe he's jealous that your boyfriend's spending time with you instead of him? It's still childish and inexcusable, however.

A joke that OP was obviously offended by, if they posted an FML about it.

Don't even bother reading #72's comment. He's written that phrase on almost all of the threads. I think it's the only thing he knows how to say... :/

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Aw, I hope your boyfriend defended you... :)

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At first glance I thought you said i hope he deFRIENDed you. I was thinkin damn, that's pretty harsh.

That's exactly what I thought as well. Damn Facebook generation....

Snorlax uses...... ah crap I don't remember any of his moves!

I think he can also body slam, I'm not 100% sure about that.

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39- yeah he can. I'd go with giga impact, though.

Ass hole used Taunt! It's super effective!

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Pokemon insults always hurt the most.