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Today, I was supervising some kids, who were playing on a bouncy castle. One of them managed to kick me in the face during a jump, and looking for an apology, I asked, "What do you say?" He paused, then shouted, "HEADSHOTTTTT!" FML
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wildperson 8

Call of duty generation...I really have no hopes for it.


ElementaryEdGuy 18

Really, though. That should have been the moment that kid was removed from the bouncy house. At least for a while.

wildperson 8

Call of duty generation...I really have no hopes for it.

kxxjoejoexxk 8

Headshot is actually from quake its just been copied everywhere

Call of duty, halo, any video game where the objective is to kill someone really. It's a wonder so many people are scratching their heads saying "why is my kid so violent?"

I was raised on violent video games. And have a total of one fight in my life. (A kid attempted mugging me). Video game violence does not brainwash you!

I'm guessing #31 is one of the people that also blames the Fast and the Furious movies for increased car accidents...

31, your logic is backwards. It's not that violent games make kids violent. It's that violent kids are more prone to play violent games.

COD is just a heavily modified quake engine. It actually still uses some of the base code, although it does have its own name now.

I didn't know that the term headshot came from anywhere because it's literally being shot in the head; why must the word come from Quake? Were they the ones to coin the term? (I'm curious I legitimately have no idea.)

COD may be on the same engine as quake but that doesn't mean they are alike! That's like comparing Hitler to Gandhi because they are both people they are alike! They are still completely different! Quake is an amazing game and COD is generic rewritten rubbish! It's been the same game since COD 2!

71 - Now you're just hating. MW was a massive overhaul and MW2 brought in significant changes as well. BO also mixed it up a bit. WaW (Nazi Zombies aside) and MW3 were admittedly mostly just reskins and I haven't played much of BO2 so I won't comment on that but saying it's been the same game since CoD2 is really pushing it.

Grand Theft Auto 3 is why I shot down a helicopter with a grenade launcher last month. Luckily I managed to outrun the police using a stolen motorbike. Now I'm rich.

#67, while the term of "Headshot" is literally being "shot in the head," it was coined as a phrase that the game actually shouted back at you when you shot someone in the head, and became very popularized because of this. It started in Quake, and just got used by everyone else from there.

kyu_Q 19

@31 I play Quake, unreal tournament, mortal kombat ( different genre but lots of violence and blood) and lately BO2. I was never violent or disrespectful to adults. The reason why children are so violent is a result of poor parenting. A child should not be playing M or teen rated games. That being said I played those games and the healthy fear I had of my mom cause me to finish high school with out ever getting into a figt or cursing.

31, I played everything mentioned above including Duke Nukem 3D, Splatterhouse, the original GTA's etc.. Violent video games don't make the person, PARENTING does. My mom and dad made damn sure if I played crap like that and showed violent intent or disrespected women that they would take it all away without the possibility of getting it back (along with a whoopin). This kid obviously has not been given much direction on how to treat people.... That and he was probably all jacked up from Mountain Dew.

Sorry OP. That kid sounds like a jerk. It's probably for the best that you didn't retaliate. Then you don't get in trouble and you're still the better person.

#51 Do you know what retaliate means? It seems like you don't

70 - It's quite clear that 51 does know what "retaliate" means. The point 51 is making is that 4 shouldn't be commending the OP for not hitting the child. That shouldn't need commending, it should go without saying.

voodocutie 4

This is one reason parents think video games are bad for young children's minds :/

Except ofcourse that they are wrong and it promotes quick decision making, hand eye coordination etc etc

I'm assuming the kid is around 5-8ish.. I'm also assuming the kid heard it from a video game (I have yet to see a show with that).. So my question is.. Why did the parents let him play games like that or allow him access..

ApollosMyth 22

I was assuming an older sibling.

Sonfang 19

#8 I believe it's used in the movie Mars Attacks, when the two boys are playing video games and then later in the movie when they have the alien blasters. But it could be wrong. Either way the kid should have apologize. that any better? I'd be more worried about little kids watching that movie than playing FPSs. When I was little I was all over Medal of Honor but that movie gave me nightmares lol...

Sonfang 19

#69 it's a whole lot better in my opinion than letting your child of 8 play Call of Duty (which ever one is the most recent one) online. Which I know for a fact some of my friends bought their children, who are well under 13, this game for Christmas last year. I'd rather them have some bad dreams than go around being exposed to the anger, vulgarity, and ignorance of the crowd that plays that game online.

therealafroninga 10

Quake, it's the video game, when you shoot a person in the head, you hear "HEADSHOTTTT."

Well my comment was more about the movie than the game but, - I wouldn't want young kids playing CoD online, for obvious reasons, but I don't think the game itself should be totally off limits. Granted I haven't actually played CoD (I prefer Borderlands) but if it's like MoH used to be then it should be fine within reason. I don't like blaming video games for violence. I think they may contribute to violence in people with other issues but generally, if you bring your kids up right, I think they should be able to separate fantasy from reality. My brother and I played shooting games when we were younger and love them now but, outside of the game, we're about as docile as you get - pacifists, vegetarians, etc.