By NoMoreTacoBell - 04/06/2015 16:21 - United States - Herndon

Today, I made out with a boy for the first time. I belched into his mouth. FML
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NoMoreTacoBell tells us more.

Hahaha I never thought this would get posted! So the long story is, me and this boy have been best friends for a long time, Taco Bell and burping contests are a regular part of our friendship (and many other less-gross things). First of all let's clear up that I DID NOT VOMIT in his mouth. Not that a burp is much better but oh well. We just started dating recently so I was mortified, but our being best friends helped us both laugh it off in the end. Definitely should have called this one TacoBelch.

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Did you not feel if coming up and back away?


Did you not feel if coming up and back away?

Probably deep into some french kissing and before she could even register it she hurled down his throat. How's that for a visual?

Pleonasm, your comment just made my day.

Belch means burp, not vomit..

You can still feel a burp coming up... #60

So, were you eating Taco Bell before a kiss?? Big mistake!

TacoBelch should be OP's username.

yessssss. taco belch! hahahahaha

You didn't know it was coming?

That is kind of gross.

"Kind of"? It's fucking ransid.

Rancid. Sorry.

Fuck his life.. That's gross

Wizardo 33

Its like secondary smoking, but this time you're regurgitating the devils crapola instead of cigarettes.

a very unrelated political agenda

She would've had to to make up for that stunt....

opposed to the first time you made out with a girl?

They're context clues and help make the story not sound dull and vague. This way we can assume it's a young person, probably a girl, as opposed to the story just being something like "Today I made out. I barfed."

Belched means burped not barfed..

33: I was wondering why people kept talking about vomiting...

hippodankamus 22

R.I.P. his mouth

If he continued to kiss you after that, then no harm, no foul!