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Hahaha I never thought this would get posted! So the long story is, me and this boy have been best friends for a long time, Taco Bell and burping contests are a regular part of our friendship (and many other less-gross things). First of all let's clear up that I DID NOT VOMIT in his mouth. Not that a burp is much better but oh well. We just started dating recently so I was mortified, but our being best friends helped us both laugh it off in the end. Definitely should have called this one TacoBelch.
By NoMoreTacoBell / Thursday 4 June 2015 16:21 / United States - Herndon
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  Pleonasm  |  31

They're context clues and help make the story not sound dull and vague. This way we can assume it's a young person, probably a girl, as opposed to the story just being something like "Today I made out. I barfed."

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