Minor Threat

By Anonymous - 24/01/2014 20:24 - France - Paris

Today, after a big argument, my girlfriend looked me dead in the eyes and said, "I can go the rest of my life without sex, you know." FML
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Somehow withholding sex and punishing your partner instead working mutually towards a resolution to a problem like adults who actually care about each other, sounds like a bad idea.

It's easy for her to say that now. I've been given the same threat. Didn't last very long.

I say she's bluffing. Girls need sex just like guys do but I wouldn't push it just in case she's willing to try. Make up sex?

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@50 after you've had the pink velvet, your hand just doesnt compare.

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Give it a couple of days OP, then when you're lying on the couch together rub her nipples and she'll forget she ever said it.

We don't need it like y'all do, actually. We have vibrators.

If you want to bring toys into this we have them also. It's still pointless to punish yourself to get back at someone else.

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I don't know about you guys, but whenever I say that to my bf it just makes me want it even more.. and I hate losing so I don't say that anymore haha.

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Speak for yourself, 61. The real thing is SO much better than a vibrator.

That depends; I'd rather have a good wank than a bad ****.

Sex is actually one of the humans basic fysical needs, just as food, sleep and water

Damn, your right arm is going to get HUGE.

Now now, why can't he use both arms for a full workout?

A real life Popeye in the making... Add some spinach to your future grocery list OP...

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#104 Same here. I'm right handed, but it feels too awkward to even try and get off with my right hand. However, with my left, it feels perfect.

Just like our old pal Glenn Quagmire!:) also OP you said 5ml.

wow, that sucks that she would withhold sex

hahahaha I think someones going to have a lot of tissues laying around for a while

Or it could backfire, OP gets tired of it and find a lady who doesn't use sex as a weapon than the tissues won't be needed.....just saying.

well, it's obvious that she loves him, after all, she said "all her life", or am I just missunderstanding it?

62 - She's using sex as a weapon. She clearly doesn't love him.

*5ML. Are you sorry for my loss of braincells reading your comment, too?

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Call her on her blog. You can also go on living without a gaff doing something out of spite. That's not how a healthy relationship is made!

Hmm, sex used as a weapon against your partner in a relationship. This is never a good idea. OP, you should have just shrugged and said; "meh, you're not very good at it anyway. "

Your second paragraph still involves using sex as a "weapon".

i think that's more psychological and if they were arguing the only way she'd come out on top would be by proving him wrong and having sex with him which would discredit her earlier statement

Best answer ever...I like the way you think lmfao

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Or she could have sex with someone else and let that guy tell her boyfriend how good she was. If she's willing to withold sex from him, you shouldn't assume she'll give it up because he goaded her on. She's probably smart enough to see through this reverse psychology shit and make it backfire.

Because having sex with another guy and then have him tell her boyfriend how good she is will absolutely save the relationship...

Normally I am not one to say you should break up, but you really should look the comments on the previous FML and get some ideas.

Tell her you can go the rest of your life without letting her use your credit card!