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Are you 13 or something? Drinking in a park, really?

YDI. Drink at home.


YDI. Drink at home.

what the hell? how did this FML even get on here? Its a total YDI!!! god its like he's blaming it on the year old for having a birthday party

Considering it was a 4 year old's party, it was early in the day. So you totally deserve it. I mean cmon drinking pissing in a park in the day? Couldn't you hear the noise from the party?

FYL dude.. America's law system is F'ed anyway.. exposing yourself to a minor... Idiots. Once again: FYL

#20, that's the first thing I thought of, too. Ridiculous.

#32 Yes it is. They won't even let us smoke weed here.

in my state you would be a sex offender for doing that lol

YDI and this would happen in Texas.

I hate people who think Texas is as stereotypical as it is. I mean, it really is, but here and Houston and more south it gets away from the stereotypical Texas and more like anywhere else.

most places are as they are stereotyped. Case and point. Mass is full of liberal assholes that cannot drive.

You totally deserve it, OP.

u sir are an idiot, indeed exposing yourself to a minor, thats what its called when you pull your dick out in front of a kid, wether its sexual or not


go #140!! lol dumb little kids mind ur own buisness dont scream and say mommy theres a man showing his penis ooo they need to stfu!! annoying brats fuck em all.

You are a fucking idiot

case IN* point

I agree with #1.YDI

That's called alcoholism, and it needs to stop. Haha. F the 4 year olds life. "Today, I was having a birthday party. Then, some drunken douche came over and pissed on a tree in front of all of my friends and their parents. FML."

YDI. Douchebag.

Normally FMLs are about something happening that WASN'T completely your own fault....

Are you 13 or something? Drinking in a park, really?

That's what I was thinking.

you deserve it....big time

Good one! Do u think before u do anything? DA


Good Job now you scared a little girl

LOL drinking in broad daylight in a park...that's just sad.

Kids grow up so fast these days. And you just helped a four-year old see a grown man's pee pee. That's one milestone accomplished.

"You ever been in a cockpit before?" "No sir, I've never been up in a plane before." "You ever seen a grown man naked?"

Airplane FTW!

In before the "come on people! Everyone has gotten drunk in a park and exposed themselves to a minor atleast once!" comment. Drinking at the park, I can understand because I have done at so at beaches. Getting piss drunk enough that peeing in said public place where people can apparently see you quite clearly is the major no no. In fact I'm also going to add that peeing in a public place in BROAD FUCKIN DAYLIGHT (don't know many parents that will throw their 4 year old a birthday party outdoors at night) is also a seriously bad move in of itself.