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Today, I told my parents I was thinking about joining the army. They looked at each other and laughed for about 10 minutes straight. I wasn't joking. FML
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Maybe they were laughing to hide their worries?

Thinking and doing are two different things. Show them what you're really made of!


Maybe they were laughing to hide their worries?

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They could be worried about OP's safety and tried to put him off because of it ?

Whether they're worried or not it's still disrespectful.

Maybe they are trying to get those thoughts out of your head by getting you to think you aren't cut out for the army.

OP's gender isn't revealed here. Maybe OP is a girl, and her parents think it's a joke because of the fact that she's a girl. Either way, good luck OP.

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When you come back from boot camp, don't stub your toe on the couch...

Thinking and doing are two different things. Show them what you're really made of!

The military is a good start for you experience in the adulthood. I'm also thinking of starting there

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Well you better bulk up then buddy. You don't exactly look like an army commando.

Shut up Cleveland, you couldn't do it either.

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#56 - Need some cold water for that burn? :D

That's very rude of them. I wish you the best of luck and a thank you at that!

Douche parents, OP. Thanks in advance for your service.

Well not necessarily, laughing is how some people deal with pressure, embarrassment, or situations they don't know how to handle. So I wouldn't be so quick to just judge the parentss.

My parents did the same thing OP. And now I'm in JROTC and I'm one of the best and I put it in their face about how awesome I am and that they were wrong. I promise it gets better once they realize you made it.

Jrotc isn't exactly boot camp, but its a start. But you shouldn't brag about being in ROTC and being great, because you're a part as a unit, and your unit is as strong as the weakest member in it

correct me if I'm wrong but isent rotc for officers training? and isent competition encouraged in officers training? at least it is so here, you can go one of two very distinct paths with the army where I'm from, one is called short term service which is typically three to five years after which you can elect to go on with the military career however in those 3-5 years you may never advance past platoon leader, the other is long term service which is basically officers who are considering a military career, they sign up from 5 to seven and then usually nearly always elect to stay more as members have usually reached officer or flag officer status, that's what I understood rotc to be and officers are generally encouraged to outperform other cadets but again It may be different where you are.

yes it is a competion. But I completely agree its wrong to put it in everyone's face. And no its far from boot camp, not if I could go to boot camp I would.

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Wow that stinks OP. if it's really what you want to do, don't let them stop you! #1 might be right, maybe they are worried, and hope it isn't true, but they should've just said that. I appreciate that you want to serve OP! Best of luck, and thank you!

if youre serious then go for it bro, you have my support

It's what I wanna do. Go for it man! One you're 18 the only thing stopping you is yourself.

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marzipanimal 15

Okay... How do you know OP is a boy?

don't let them bring you down, because once you make it you'll be the one laughing not them

Exactly OP! Everyone laughed when I said I wanted to be a comedian, but nobody's laughing now!

#11 Not the best sign for your career there, friend.

You mean we weren't having a foodfight? I was wondering why they were also using bottles!

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They were laughing because they couldn't make it into the army but you can!

dont let them get you down. joing the army is a huge and very respectable decision. do what makes you happy!

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