By brinn - 16/09/2011 05:15 - United States

Today, I told my husband that I wanted him to stay sober during the week. He responded by saying he wanted me to be a supermodel during the week. FML
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If he wasn't sober, you'd look like a supermodel anyways


saIty 17

I don't see why not. Get a complete makeover to look like Jessica Alba.

LiveLaughFML 10

if he's drunk, you'll look like a supermodel to him. nobody is ugly after 2:00 A.M. ;-)

fthislyfe 22

So he only drinks so that you look like a supermodel?

pitchblease 2

^ Ding ding ding! Johnny! We have a winner!

seppi24 1

get a complete character makeover:)

And then you responded by walking out the door, right?

ikickgingers 15

Beer goggles don't work for everyone. Some people are still ugly.

In my opinion, beer goggles don't exist. It's just that when you're drunk you're slightly more frisky, okay a lot more frisky for me, and you'll find less attractive individuals more attractive because you can score with them. Sounds ****** up, because it is.

1 - Because Jessica Alba is a supermodel. Try a makeover like Heidi Klum.

If he wasn't sober, you'd look like a supermodel anyways

But it's not like OP was asking for the moon...FYL!

Or you could just pretend you were on a cat walk in the house and give him very dry and sexual poses.

Beebow_fml 5

You're thinking anorexic. He means supermodel as in beautiful person.

Madiluvsyuh98 2

No. Supermodels are anorexic and usually ugly. Check out americas next top model.

dtbomb 3

Those are not supermodels. They are just regular ugly models.

Beebow_fml 5

The OP's husband obviously implies supermodel, as in beautiful woman, not anorexic freak.

ElGranOrgo 0

Adrianna Lima is a supermodel and not anorexic nor ugly

I'm a model, I'm 5'6 , and I'm 140 pounds. I have Wendy's at LEAST once a week. FAR from anorexic.

But isn't it different for girl and guy models?

#33 Adriana Lima is pretty darn skinny. Maybe she's not anorexic, but it's certain that she probably has to work out an insane amount and restrict her eating quite a bit.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

63 She honestly looks just fine to me. You don't know how her body works after all. Still, working out insanely and restrictive diets are often prerequisites for certain types of models. But there's no reason to call them ugly and anorexic with them already being told they're not good enough on a regular enough basis for them to get to that point in the first place. Respect your fellow human beings.

#70 Uh...If you might notice, I wasn't the one who called Adriana Lima ugly or anorexic. All I said is that there is a chance that she might eat a bit less and work out a bit more than a "normal" person. I also never said she was too skinny, just that she's quite thin. I wasn't dissing her. I do respect my fellow human beings.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

That part wasn't directed at you. Just the first 3 sentences are. The parts of my comment addressing things you didn't say are in response to those who did say them. It's just hard to reply to everyone individually on the app.

imjessicababy 0

You guys are fighting over something really stupid.

Hey, I'm not fighting over anything. I was just stating my opinion.

perdix 29

In other words, he needs the Beer Goggles to find you attractive. It will be cheaper and easier to keep him liquored up than to do the diet and exercise and beauty treatments and plastic surgery to not look like a troll.

So he does carexD just kidding, he's kinda a douche

That reminds me of that beer commercial where the more the guy drinks the hotter the girl at the bar gets.

leadman1989 15

This reminds me of that Trojan commercial where all the dudes were pigs, sadly.

That reminds me of last Saturday night ;)


Try getting drunk with him, maybe he will look better and uour problem will be solved!

DasHaas 9

Sounds like you married an a-hole.

TheLastChild 8
leadman1989 15

I LOVE THAT SONG!!! "this charming fellow" actually ^-^

leadman1989 15

This charming man - I failed SO hard. It's by the smiths give it a listen. It is awesome.

ikickgingers 15

"It's gruesome that someone so handsome should care." - is my favorite lyric from that song. True story.

Senior29 8

tell him dat if u cud be a supermodel, u wudnt even luk at him

ICaughtFire 4

I lost twelve brain cells reading that comment...