By Drunkard - 08/02/2017 00:54 - United States - Tracy

Today, my boyfriend gave me grief about my drinking. This would be fine, if he were sober. FML
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Now the real question is.. Were you?

He maybe a hypocrite, but he cares.


Now the real question is.. Were you?

He maybe a hypocrite, but he cares.

The drunk lecturing the alcoholic?!? lol

Quit drinking all his beer!

lukcy_basartd 11

I've been drinking most of my life. I've gotten into plenty of trouble, been to several court ordered AA meetings years ago and realized quitting just wasn't for me. I dealt with the shakes at an early age so if I don't drink I won't lose my mind but I always wonder when my next drink will be. I'm a quiet responsible drinker but i am still constantly criticized by my family and its nauseating. From bottles a day to beers now and then, is a huge improvement but there's no escaping the constant family fuckery. I guess all I'm try to say is just be you, even if it involves a couple too many drinks that he or anyone else won't like. Live for you, just don't get caught up doin some stupid shit that might fuck you or someone else over for a long time. Cheers.

Maybe you can't hold your liquor like he can.

racheal1000 13

he wants you to quit drinking so he can drink and have you take care of him

Hiya Pot! I'm Kettle!

tbh, why don't both of y'all drink some tea rather than alcohol for a while.

That's actually a common excuse from alcoholics. I've heard it all my life. "HOW dare they lecture me about being an alcoholic. Like they never touch a single drop of alcohol" Like it's somehow hypocritical for someone who drinks in moderation to tell someone that they drink way too much.