By unloved - 18/01/2010 05:06 - United Kingdom

Today, my wife changed her name back to her maiden name. Why? So people would stop asking questions about us. We have been married for 15 years. FML
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What kind of questions?

I don't get it.


What kind of questions?

i dont get the fml ... who let this pass? seriously

I don't get it.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Neither do I. Maybe she was embarassed to be his wife? If so, FML

Lol er... Questions? Did you guys divorce without your knowledge?

lickmyjock 0

Yawn. Anyway. How about those Chicago Bears?

was the answer to the question yes??

$20 says they don't make it to 16 years.

YDI and more for living in essex

Find someone new

I did that, too. I changed back to my maiden name a few years ago and damn glad I did.

why are you glad? and why did you change

AntiChrist7 0

That's why I don't want to marry. Ever. YDI

enjoy your lonely death.