By unloved - 18/01/2010 05:06 - United Kingdom

Today, my wife changed her name back to her maiden name. Why? So people would stop asking questions about us. We have been married for 15 years. FML
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What kind of questions?

I don't get it.


What kind of questions?

i dont get the fml ... who let this pass? seriously

I don't get it.

Neither do I. Maybe she was embarassed to be his wife? If so, FML

Lol er... Questions? Did you guys divorce without your knowledge?

Yawn. Anyway. How about those Chicago Bears?

was the answer to the question yes??

$20 says they don't make it to 16 years.

YDI and more for living in essex

Find someone new

I did that, too. I changed back to my maiden name a few years ago and damn glad I did.

why are you glad? and why did you change

That's why I don't want to marry. Ever. YDI

enjoy your lonely death.