Feminism is when you keep your name?

By Anonymous - 31/01/2022 20:01

Today, I’m getting married. My friends are all telling me that I’m not a “true feminist” since I’ve opted to change my last name to his. My last name is “Belcher.” FML
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Y'know. When you sign in as Anonymous and tell us your name, it kinda defeats the purpose. What's wrong with Belcher? My brother is a belcher. That's not his name, but he's gotten as far as R in a single continuous belch reciting the alphabet!

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I eyeroll at many of your comments but this one was great lmao

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True feminists don't care who changes their last name, only that they both have the choice.

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Ah I see there the type of feminist who say they want choice for women but if its the wrong choice then they belittle you.