By can't win - 13/01/2015 16:25 - Australia

Today, I was cuddling my girlfriend. The TV was on behind me, with some kind of girl's basketball game playing. When I stared into my girlfriend's eyes, she accused me of trying to check out the girls by looking at their reflection in her eyes. FML
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"No dear. I'm just trying to see deep enough into your soul to know if you're worthy enough for sacrifice to the Dark Lord."

BaDumTsss_fml 23

Wow, paranoid much?


giantsfan2010 23

Girl if you could actually do that.

BaDumTsss_fml 23

Wow, paranoid much?

Maybe she was just busting his balls?

TanzWolf 26

I'm always paranoid of stranger pixel girls on a TV screen. They look like might jump out and look at my boyfriend or something....

Are you dating the overly attached girlfriend (meme)

Sheesh! That would be one strategic way of going about it. I'm sorry OP, she sounds like she could be insecure, I think you should talk to her about that to prevent future absurdities.

Just explain that you were looking into her eyes not the women in the game.

thomasrasmussen7 20

Well, ball is life.

"No dear. I'm just trying to see deep enough into your soul to know if you're worthy enough for sacrifice to the Dark Lord."

#5 You're killing me with that comment, it made my day! Hail Satan.

kimeatszombies 22

I am Satan, Lord of darkness.

You're the Lady of Cuteness.

15- Bo Burnham reference?

FieldLeftBlank 20

Satan? I thought he meant Voldemort.

bryce0110 23

Everyone who replied here got bad reviews :P

So did you

wtf how come people here not get a you-know-who reference :O

kimeatszombies 22

I was trying to add a Bo Burnham reference, but no one understood. :P

It could be Voldy! Or it could be Sauron... I'll never tell! :)

Hail satan you religious christian-mormon fucks. Go crucify yourself.

Your girlfriend is really insecure. If she really thinks you could get a good look at girls through the reflection in her eyes, she's got issues.

rdenkewicz 11

Why would she think you watch girls basketball to check out other girls? She needs to be worried about cheerleading, beach volleyball and the internet.

jojimugo 20

Your girl crazy dude

She's probably joking. I cannot see anyone saying that seriously. But if she is serious, then all I can say is run.

She's obviously been cheating on you with the toaster, and she's trying to cover it up. Break up with her immediately.

"Mm look at those .05 millimeter boobs" Your girlfriend is an idiot if she was serious.