By FalloutScrolls - United States - Eau Claire
Today, I got several angry messages on Facebook, demanding to know how I could cheat on my wife. They didn't believe me when I said I had no idea what they meant. Turns out my wife made a sarcastic post about my "new mistress". She was talking about Fallout 4. FML
FalloutScrolls tells us more :
Hey guys, OP here. So the actual FML character limit doesn't allow for part 2 of this story. My wife actually did mention Fallout in the post, but because it was rather lengthy and the punchline was towards the end, people knee-jerk overreacted to what they saw, and didn't notice that the long post was abbreviated on Facebook with a "read more" link. Several messages later, all is cleared up, and we're laughing about it now.
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By  221bcompanion  |  15

Knock it off with your gamer elitist bullshit. Who gives a crap when someone started liking a video game series? Who are YOU to determine what a real fan is and who is legit?