FalloutScrolls tells us more.

Hey guys, OP here. So the actual FML character limit doesn't allow for part 2 of this story. My wife actually did mention Fallout in the post, but because it was rather lengthy and the punchline was towards the end, people knee-jerk overreacted to what they saw, and didn't notice that the long post was abbreviated on Facebook with a "read more" link. Several messages later, all is cleared up, and we're laughing about it now.

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What's the difference? .

Knock it off with your gamer elitist bullshit. Who gives a crap when someone started liking a video game series? Who are YOU to determine what a real fan is and who is legit?


What's the difference? .

I've logged 38 hours in the last 4 days. There is none.

Today I found a girl that is not only willing to watch me play fallout 4, but enjoy herself in the process. anti FML

Well one gives you hours and hours of pleasure, will always be there for you and costs little money. The other one is a mistress.

Does she really exist? I didn't know it was possible to enjoy watching Fallout 4, I find it impossible to watch and wait my turn.

lol nah she just likes to watch video games?

"What's the difference?" Sex, mostly.

Don't worry, it's everyone's new mistress.

Mine and my boyfriend's. We have a hard time sharing.

Yeah, hell, it's been my mistress since the second it finished downloading.

One of many mate, I wouldn't be worried!

I'd say she understands perfectly. Get to raiding those vaults.

I know how she feels.. But it's still messed up how she put that

I think the wife was just joking, others just took it the wrong way.

At least your wife knows you're faithful. Just ask her to post another status to clear things up. :)

It's no one else's business.

It might not be anyone's business but you know people are going to make it their business. I like #6s idea

#30 - I mean, when someone posts a public status for everyone, it sort of does become everyone's business

Wow those people that will believe everything they hear on the Internet :/

Well she's right you know

Gamer problems.

I'm sure your wife will be happy to explain to them what she meant and they'll understand.