By imok - United States
Today, I was at the Salvation Army when I saw a wheelchair in the miscellaneous aisle. I thought it would be fun to ride around in it. As I was wheeling it back to where I found it, I made it back just as it's owner was hobbling out of the dressing room. FML
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Meh.. just explain that you thought it was an item in the miscellaneous aisle and wanted to try it out. I'm sure they would understand. You didn't hurt them or break it and you brought it back before they needed it.

By  voveraite  |  7

Woooow! Wheelchairs are the new merry-go-rounds now? They should put them in the amusement parks! They's sure gather lots of customers like you (I spare the readers by not using any attributes before "customers" ).

By  latkematzoball  |  0

wut the helll??? u see a wheelcair sitting around and u just getin it aand ride around? MORON. also its offensive because i doubt the person who needs it thinks riding a wheelchair is much fun. MORRRRRON!

  kims0706  |  10

I don't really think he's trying to impress anyone :/ but I can understand his point of view: you're crippled possibly for life, and may never feel the bliss or treasure of even moving your legs again, and as soon as you come out of your changing room, you see someone you never met using the device you need to move around being used as a toy to them, and thinking its fun to be in one of them (I'm not saying OP thought of it permanently, but just at the time) :/