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Today, I thought I saw a snake while I was watering. I got my son to check it out and he agreed too. I was nervous so I called animal control, and they said it would cost $50 just for them to come out, I agreed. It ends up I paid $50 for them to pick up an old diamond weave farmer's hat. FML
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YDI for thinking you have to call Animal Control for a (most likely) harmless snake.

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Uh why'd you call animal control just for a snake? It was probably harmless if it was a snake.


YDI for thinking you have to call Animal Control for a (most likely) harmless snake.

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She does deserve it. Women usually overreact when snakes are involved. But hiding behind a kid is really silly, unless he is older than I believe I am assuming. YDI

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Oi, I like snakes, I'm a woman. Snakes are awesome, wish I had one for a pet.

and for about to rat out a poor animal that didn't do anything

Agreed with one; take care of it yourself, you pansy. I'm a woman, younger than you OP (or I would assume if you have a son who is not a small child; you wouldn't send a small child to check out a snake YOU're scared of), and have been snatching up snakes my whole life. Haven't you watched Steve enough to know what to do?

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i agree, she deserves it for sending her son to check out the snake

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I totally agree. What idiot pays 50$ for a snake? Seriously, for all about people talking about 'women power', girls sure are wimpy these days. (I'm a girl, so I can say that.)

Just because you are a girl does not mean you can say that.

#74 talk about a generalized statement... Not a all girls are wimpy.

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Come to my house and I'll show you a real snake, on two conditions. 1) You leave your son at home, and 2) You learn to spell "paid." MILF's are hot. Illiterate MILF's; not so much.

It's funny how you criticize her grammar, but display a lack of knowledge of the difference between making a noun possessive and making it plural.

@#28 When it's an acronym an apostrophe is used to denote plural. @#30 It was spelled "payed" but it got changed. Dumb *****.

NO NO NO! An acronym does not allow you to use an apostrophe to make it plural. It would be MILFs. An apostrophe NEVER makes something plural, regardless of whether it is a word, acronym, abbreviation, or single letter. For letters that form words when an "s" is added, the "s" must be contextually interpreted to determine the difference between the word and the plural.

Just to piss you off.... your a sack of dbag's

That is not a hard and fast rule. Whether it is MILF's or MILFs is a matter of style, although more recently the apostrophe-less version is gaining more acceptance. I'm old school, but I am slowly changing to suit the times. Thru is not a word. Originally it was spelled "payed" but somehow they fixed it. "Payed" is only acceptable for meanings of the word other than giving money. Stupid MILF!

Do you guys realise that there's no universal set of grammar rules? If it's an acronym it can be made plural with or without an apostrophe. wbrycem is also correct. It can be spelled paid or payed.

I woulda done the same thing. Better safe than sorry.

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it wouldnt matter..if you have one snake, chances are there are a are you going to waste $50 every time you see a snake? Also, its just a snake, go inside and do something else, it will just go away eventually

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you would have hidden behind your son? god, you people are terrible parents. i don't care if you're a woman or not; you don't do that.

If she wasn't such a pussy and called Animal Control. Jesus Christ how hard is it to kill a snake? Get a ******* shovel and cut his head off.

Wasn't a similar version of this on here a couple days ago?

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yep. something about a dishwasher.

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Uh why'd you call animal control just for a snake? It was probably harmless if it was a snake.

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wow I've seen so many snakes in my friends garden all of them are harmless let it stay and save yourself $

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YDI for being afraid of snakes.

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You should've put on some stilettos and shoved the heel through the "snakes" head. |:< Then you wouldn't have wasted $50 and, not to mention, practiced your snake-stomping technique.

@#10 Yeah, good idea. You should also do that whenever you see a stray kitten or a puppy. It's definitely awesome to submit helpless animals to agonizing deaths by stabbing, so why stop at snakes?

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Exactly, now you guys are thinking. B)