By Anonymous - 20/01/2015 20:24 - United States - Baton Rouge

Today, I spent a half hour trying to help my cat down after he got stuck in the tree on my lawn. I finally gave up and called a local tree care company to help. When I returned outside, I found my cat casually walking about by the door. The guy who showed up to help was not happy. FML
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At least a tip to the guy would be in order.

gerrags 16

If the cat got up there it will get itself down... YDI


At least a tip to the guy would be in order.

I'm surprised only one person made a joke about calling the fire department.

Lol where in LA are you!! I'm in BR! Bc this is a funny situation!

I'm pretty sure it says Louisiana

Shadowblast423 3

Well, Louisiana is shortened to La. We just don't call it La.

gerrags 16

If the cat got up there it will get itself down... YDI

Unless it's really young and thaz was it's first time climbing a tree, I agree. Generally, cats know very well how high they can go.

Occasionally cats can go higher then they are comfortable being. This can cause them to freeze where they are, terrified. They won't move until someone helps them down, or they fall.

tantanpanda 26

Cats can fall from two stories, still be fine AND land on their feet safely. They could fall a bit higher and be completely fine since the ground is probably dirt or grass. Kittens, i'll give a pass for, but adult cats know damn well. They just want to make a fool of their provider.

Should've called in the fire department like they do on TV

you know cats climb trees all the time? I've never heard of a cat getting stuck anywhere. if they can go up, they can come down.

young cats get stuck in trees. Had to get one out ones cause it got scared. stuff happens. but then again. if you leave them. they will find a way.

Did you not offer to pay for his trip out there?

NomeDMF 17

Your cat had it all planned out.

You couldn't call and tell them not to send anyone?

I'm assuming it was already too late.

A cat is fully capable of climbing back down a tree it got itself in

condor216 15

Cats are assholes.