By KMROYALShottie - United States
Today, I was taking out the trash and I came upon a bill from a veterinary hospital. It was for $50 and it was a bill to put my dog down. My Dad said my dog was missing and I put hundreds of signs around the city. FML
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By  R3TH0R  |  0

you should so guilt trip your dad, and keep him from getting the bill, make him pay for it BIG.

give it a few days and then go "oh hey dad this came in the mail" give him the bill then ask him when he was going to tell you

and how the hell does anyone deserve this?

By  choochootrain  |  0

That's just wrong. I'm so sorry for you. Maybe investigate if your dog didn't have a medical condition that required his putting down, and that your father didn't have the heart to tell you about. Sometimes parents can't bring themselves to break the news about pets to their children, and they resort to the weirdest things.