By Kiddo - 02/09/2013 06:49 - United States - Jacksonville

Today, after months of patiently waiting, I finally got my roommates out of the house for the night so I could have sex with my boyfriend for the first time without being interrupted. He couldn't get it up. FML
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Even though I don't need Viagra I personally would never use it because I read a story about a Russian man fed nothing but Viagra and kept as a sec slave by a women for three days. I feel like if I was gonna use it I would remember the story and throw it away.

Dude I remember that too. It was pretty ****** up. I mean he did try to rob her, but I think she took it too far.

I remember that story, he was not fed solely Viagra. he was force fed Viagra but he was given other food as well.

48 - does that mean that you never use knives, or duct-tape or ropes or celery because they might somehow, sometime have been used in a hostage situation. Actually, maybe not the celery.

Today's letter is the letter V for Viagra.

seanos 3

What have I told you nana.. Go to bed, it's late.

Aren't you too young to be looking at this FML & comment thread? I want to see some ID. :P

jw90 18

First time nerves, or he was afraid of someone walking in on you.

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Actually, if he couldn't get it up while they were alone, maybe he NEEDS the excitement and risk of having potential eavesdropers. Assuming that he's gotten it up before when her roommates were home

Please ignore this comment; I edited it because my original comment was based on my misinterpretation of a comment.

It's happens to everyone, I've been

It generally poses less of a problem for women.

I've been told the same thing. It happens to all guys. Except me.

Well, being a doctor, you would know the tricks.

#5, I think you may be incorrect with that statement... If a man is having problems with his erection, or lack thereof, I doubt he would be 'in the mood' and as a result, the woman misses out also. Unless she takes matters into her own hands.

Don't pressure him! It knows when you're watching.

Did you strip for him? Did you blow him? Did you "play" with him a bit first? Did you really try everything?

Something tells me you know all the tricks.

Oh #14, you gush! Nah I just read and watch a lot of ****. I'm actually really forever alone. ._.

Keep at it, you'll find that special some one! Then you guys can read and watch **** together!

still a better love story than Twilight

Sounds like your night must have fallen flat :/

I guess you reached an even lower point in your sexual relationship..

Maybe he likes the excitement of others being in the house and the chance of someone walking in. I dunno..