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Today, I texted my boyfriend saying that I couldn't wait for him to get home and see my costume, and that I had dressed up as a naked lady. He texted back asking if I could dress up as someone who was making dinner instead. FML
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bladomas 2

why not both? serve him while naked

I think you took him too literally, OP. Guys are crazy about the kinky cook. Just put on an apron, start cooking, and pasta might not be the only thing on the menu. ;)


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raraisbang 12

Make him dinner in the nude - best of both worlds! * this was not supposed to have been a reply, I apologize for the accidental thread jacking D:

I would had you dress up as the naked lady while making dinner just remember to wear a apron bc you don't want the grease popping on the twins

1- But OP wants him to be hungry for her..

10 She's not naked of she has an apron.

If my boyfriend said that I'd point him in the direction of the kitchen and the door. He can pick.

simron_15 3
scarface90 8

51 - wow, guess what? Cooking a nice meal for your bf/husband every now and then is NOT degrading to you as a women...stop filling your head with feminist crap...a relationship is a two way street not my way or the door

45- I LOVE TEEMO xD Lol, sorry, just had too :)

rockaroths 15

89 - more like annoyed -.- damn lil guy

bladomas 2

why not both? serve him while naked

Marrach 7

Ew. Nothing like a bunch of pubes on your fried chicken. Dinner is served.

I like how you said "serve him" instead of "serve him dinner". It added emphasis on his douchbaggory in my books.

Generally, people don't molt. And they invented this new thing called a razor that helps with hair removal. Brilliant idea, really. Not really sure how her pubes would get into your food anyway, unless your stove is at knee-height.

If her stove is at knee height and made of plastic she's too young for you bro...

I think you took him too literally, OP. Guys are crazy about the kinky cook. Just put on an apron, start cooking, and pasta might not be the only thing on the menu. ;)

zingline89 18

I think he would have had a different response if you had said you dressed down as a naked lady

Guys like this are an embarrassment to men everywhere.

Marrach 7

Its a turn on when you cook for a guy. Offer him BOTH. One before the other. Can't have any hairy situations.

Guys like this are not an embarassment to men everywhere. This guy just wasn't interested, and had possibly had a rather bad day. Women refuse offers lime this all the time, and make similar remarks in response. Nobody gives them too much shit about it. But guys are supposed to always be interested, and always have a super polite response. **** that.

There's nothing wrong with turning down sex. There is something wrong with being a douche bag about it. My boyfriend and I both turn down sex from the other every now and then, but neither of us are ever mean about it. This guy IS an embarrassment to men everywhere, not because he turned down sex, but because he was an asshole about it and played into sexual stereotypes on top of it.

OMG shut up! The guy works all day while the woman is home then when he gets home he should cook for him self? Is she only there to provide sex? Then he can just get a hooker. Stupid feminist ***** get over yourself

Krajjan 9

40- You know that stereotypes only have as much value as we assign them, right? I'm a redneck, hillbilly, nerd, psycho, metal head, brainwashed baby killer... and pretty proud of it.

I agree with what you're saying, however, in this situation, it seems to me that OP's boyfriend used the phrase "making me dinner" to demean her when she was making an effort to please him.

58) I'm pretty sure he just wanted some food ready when he got home. Idk, I'd love it if my girl had dinner waiting for me everyday. Demeaning would be if her bf told her "to get back where she belongs" or something like that.

That's just how I interpret it in the context. You can disagree if you want. In any case, he was being a dick. He could have simply said, "I'm sorry. I'm just not up to it tonight. By the way, would you mind making dinner please, baby?" instead of making her feel foolish when she was trying to please him. I'm guessing OP will be hesitant to be sexually spontaneous in the future because of this.

...And we're back to the "guys are expected to always be polite about it" response..

Why shouldn't they be, 79? And what 21 said about women rudely turning down sex all the time is bull shit. Whenever I turn down my boyfriend for sex I don't throw throw his advances back in his face with some smart ass reply. Men AND women should ALWAYS be considerate of their partner's feelings, especially when it comes to sex.

You can blatantly see OP's boyfriend said it as a joke, it's not a hurtful thing to say. If he said 'Get back to the kitchen where you belong, and I expect dinner when I'm home.' that would be out of order, but he light-heartedly asked her to make dinner in a response to her previous message. Even then, shes obviously home first which would be common sense to make or at least start cooking dinner so its ready for when the other comes home, and could be said both ways. Anyway I'm sure OP's boyfriend was having a joke and not be condescending, sexist or giving into stereotypes. Get over it...

Move on. There are plenty of better guys out there. Good luck.

twinny_sc 13

Oh shut up. It was a joke no need to break up over that. Maybe OP should dress up as someone who has a sense of humor.

RedPillSucks 31

tell him you're dressed as a "who's not getting laid" sammich

He doesn't appear to be too interested in getting laid at the moment.

That was perfectly reasonable and hilarious response! If he works hard and you're home first, why not get dinner started? Not like you can't have fun after you've had dinner! And he'll be more eager to thank you for it :)

Exactly! I wish more women thought this way. Now they make everything "sexist".