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Today, it was really cold and windy and I started my car before work. I locked the front door of my house and shut it behind me to leave. The wind was blowing and all my hair got shut in my locked front door... with my keys in my car's ignition. FML
wheels tells us more :
im not blonde... the door locked from the inside and the keys were on a key ring that was already in my car's ignition (i have a really old car and when i start it up and just go, it shakes).. after standing there a minute like "o damn" i slowly pulled my hair out and it hurt pretty bad and there was still quite a bit stuck in the door.. it sucked
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By  ohgeez  |  0

What kind of locks do you have on your front door? Most i've sen are bolts of some sort, so if it's locked, the door won't shut all the way due to the bolt. Just curious, I know there are lots of different locks out there.

By  luckyyyme  |  0

So how was this issue resovled exactly? Did you just rip your hair out of the door? I've actually done that with car doors, when it is really windy.

#14, technically the one who posted this could be a guy, guys can have long hair too.


OP commented! They pulled their hair out of the door. I would've called my neighbor or someone nearby to get my keys out of the car, but I don't know the time constraints.

By  hixey  |  1

HA.... that's image in my brain made me laugh... but... it is kinda sad... I wonder if you had to cut your hair or got someone to help....