By gahdamnit - 28/05/2010 13:18 - Australia

Today, I tested the new taps in the shower, with my head. Yep, they're strong enough. FML
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Tree96 0

Bitter much? Some people don't know way taps are. Calm the f*ck down.

sniper5502 2

for all you ra-tards out there he slipped in the shower and hit the fossits which Hurt


dubstep87 0

omg #2 I was just watching S.darko and I gotta tell u , the pic of that actor looks hot now than a nerd in the movie lol

Gumblebum100 0

I THINK I GET IT!! the tap is the thing the water comes out of, and he/she slipped and banged their head into it. it didn't move when they hit it and that's why it was strong enough

thank u 50 I was thinking something way off than faucets.

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RaIeigh 0

How does it feel to be at the top there, Anna (: ?

The little knobs you turn so that water comes out of the shower head.