By Ndanick1193 - United States
Today, I found out that if you let your son install a new shower head, he won't tighten it properly. So when you turn the shower on, it will shoot out at rocket speed, hitting you in the face. Then when you grab the shower handle to prevent yourself falling backwards, you will just rip that out and hit your head again. FML
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  Ajjas013  |  6

Yes it did OP. I hope you learn to test things next time.

  realggirl  |  0


1. You *let* your son do free labor for you? Gee, how nice of you!

2. You didn't TEST it? I always turn on the shower before stepping in. Why would you not test it first, especially if it were a new shower head?


By  bugmenotmofo  |  34

Shower heads screw on, if not properly tightened and sealed with teflon tape or another sealer water will be forced through the threading and spray out the back. The shower head would NOT be rocket propelled off. In my experience this is clearly fake.


Yeah, you'd think that the water would just spray in all directions rather than the whole showerhead being propelled off. And i speak from experience, because i have had to replace showerheads a lot...

But then again, who knows? I like to think this is true, because it is a rather hilarious, if painful, FML...


I...from experince... had this actually happen to me. BUT it didn't hit me in the face. I was outside of the shower when I turned the water on. It is very possible for the shower head to propell off like this.

  _theman_  |  0

actually my sister had the same thing happen, but not only did the shower head shoot off, so did the handle and the water wouldnt turn off, nearly flooded the bathroom.