By MySonThePoet - 27/10/2014 02:42 - United States - Racine

Today, I stumbled across one of my son's English assignments. Apparently, he decided to submit a haiku about how electrical outlets are technically "whores" because they hook up with countless cords for a "charge." I don't know whether to be amused or furious. FML
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Be amused, that kid knows what's up; don't trust outlets... I wouldn't date one

puzzy 13

You know that can also be said the other way around. Clever kid.


puzzy 13

You know that can also be said the other way around. Clever kid.

lexiieeex3 32

I know I would be impressed if that were my kid.

incoherentrmblr 21

How about bittersweet?...

I see you on every FML, and every time you're trying too hard, jest stahp.

Be amused, that kid knows what's up; don't trust outlets... I wouldn't date one

Look on the positive side, at least he knows what he likes.

Your kid has a clear definition of what makes someone a ***** and a sense of humour. Be happy.

Don't be so neutral towards the matter. Being charged up leads to shocking arguments.

I know! If an outlet tried to date me, I'd volt the other way. With the current state of affairs, you can't trust them! They even have three ways to adapt to the needs of European clientele...

I just hope that the kid wasn't grounded for his surge of creativity.

That's some deep thinking for a kid

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

not really.. kids think more than we think lol

That kid is going places. Not college, but places

Your application to college is now revoked for simply plagiarizing an over used, stupid saying.

Lol funny thing is 4, in australia, college is not looked upon greatly. Queensland maybe, Nsw? No

meli1195 31

OP, just be glad he's doing his hw and doing something creative instead of doing other not so good things like playing video games all day or doing drugs.

What's wrong with playing video games... :(

like seriously video games not SO good things????

MzZombicidal 36

There's nothing wrong with videogames as long as you're active at other points. Lol. And I can see OP's possible frustration if her son just doesn't take his schoolwork seriously, but let's just hope his teacher appreciates the joke.

Video games can increase awareness and reaction time which isn't so bad.

#5 or taking selfies all the time.

Video games increase reaction times ey? ahahahaha!!!! Thank you for that. I guess maybe your thumbs will twitch faster than a person who doesn't play video games? Don't get me wrong, I love my video games but that's the stupidest shit I've ever heard.

#45 they often say that doctors who play video games regularly perform better in the operating room. In other words you better hope your high paid doctor plays COD

My reaction times suck because I don't play FPS games, mainly MMOs or MOBAs. However my friends that don't play any games have worse reaction times. Gaming taught me how to spell, write, read, count, multiple different skills and also helped me to develop as a person. Runescape at the age of 5 was helpful. Btw, most people play some sort of video game.

orbit 22

What's wrong with doing drugs... :(

Lmmfao. Let's put a pro gamer next to a pro any sport player and see who has better reaction times. Those studies are done in a bullshit vacuum. Edit: hell even a little league any sport player is going to have better reaction times.

Moderation in all things. Video games: good. Too much video games to the point where that's all you want to do and you don't get paid to play: bad.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#71, Just because you don't agree with a study doesn't mean it's bullshit.

#45, you really think that the only active part of a video gamer is their thumbs? If the game is fast paced you're often encountering multiple pieces of information from all over the screen (enemies, weapons, health, items, powers, environment, etc.) and deciding what to do with them at the same time. It's more to do with your brain recognising, filtering and organising than it is telling your thumbs what to do. It doesn't take a scientist to tell you that doing that repeatedly will quicken those reactions, even if it's only in certain situations or not as quick as those doing that in real life situations like a sports player.

I looked up the study, it has nothing to do with agreeing or disagreeing. The test groups were taken from a very small cross section then evaluated in a vacuum. It's bad science. The study looked at their "decision making" on assessing which way things were moving on a computer screen. The rest is just conjecture that this "might" make someone who plays video games have a more "trained" brain therefore they can make decisions faster. You get that in any sport. It's pattern recognition and probability, not some magical video games make reaction times faster BS. Someone with an active brain is obviously going to make faster and smarter decisions than someone who vegetates on a couch all day. That's not "rocket surgery" it's common sense.

I see why you're single,#92


Wow your kid's pretty smart! I'm interested to know what the teacher's response was though

The man has some brains

I wrote on a history test that, "The soldiers were standing balls deep in water." I still got a 105 on the test, but the teacher gave me a weird look when I came back to school the next day.

The question was about trench warfare in WW1 if anyone wanted to know.

But the outlet gives the charge, not receives it. So shouldn't it be the plugs that are the ******?

The plug is just a gigolo.

#8 I was thinking the same, but I think it's a play on the word 'charge.' A plug enters and the outlet charges them as a result.

The charge in this case is the pleasure, right?

I vote amused! "Oh outlet how you take that plug so well. Even when I put on the ground. Socket to me."

oh outlet you ***** you take in cords aplenty all for a charge why?

Why not both?

Gravenmuir 18

*Mexican music playing*