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I hate it when that happens!!

It was probobly just recruiting your dog to Hogwarts.


I hate it when that happens!!

was it a chihuahua?

chihuaua or whatever, is technically a rodent. not a dog.

It's become a daily thing for me .. Damn owls !

Was your dog by any chance dressed like a fat green pig?

11 how the hell is a chihuahua a rodent? Canis familiaris, Aka, domestic dog.

69.... shuthell up

I'm sorry, but if an owl mistakes your "dog" for something it can eat, then it's not a dog. If I can drop kick the so called "dog", then it's not a dog. Either way...that seriously blows.

It was probobly just recruiting your dog to Hogwarts.

either your dog is a magic taco making chihuahua, or it somehow resembles a rodent. either way the irony in this fml is hilarious

That's how my family was murdered..

anything I can kick over the fence shouldn't be classified as a dog

31- thats the best comment ive ever read

this FML reminds me of the proposal.(: hehe except that's a hawk but still. great movie

31 clever very funny

okay I know all the girls here are gonna cry and think I'm evil but the guys will laugh. imagine putting a chiuaua ( sorry for the spelling ) on a football stand and kicking it down the field.

Clearly he is delivering it to Hagrid at Hogwarts.

your fam wasn't murdered, it was just recruited to hogwarts:)

I love u now 97

is this a joke or are you not that bright ? he was saying the Chihuahua is a rodent because it closely resembles one. I once thought a soaking wet Chihuahua was a rat !

HowAreYouToday 34

way to be serious, moron.

HowAreYouToday 34

heh. you failes

you should be proud OP, he's been accepted into Hogwarts!

this would be EPIC if the dog was a Great dane or a Rottweiler

its not murder if nature did it. unless it was a group of super owl assassins. then i feel your pain...

chihuahuas are rats!!!

have y'all noticed that in 1s pic there's a small dog with her? lol

here's the scoop, the owl must be pretty big to pick up a dog...

yet anyone who steals jokes from jeff dunham classifies as a douchbag.

haha Angry Birds!

I'm sorry Paris Hilton :( maybe you can buy another dog?

81…why don't you shut the fuck up

Did anybody consider it could be a small puppy?

Anyone who finds humor in needless death should be classified as fucking retarded.

HowAreYouToday 34

and anyone who doesn't find humor is an old biddy.

that's tragic.

#97 has reached king status.

sorry, but more like fuck that dog's life :(

they climbing in yo windows and snatching yo canines up...


agreed! They aren't even getting the quotes right. jeez

the owl would have to be tank to do that


Dogs dont bounce when they bark

273... Clearly you dont have a dogl

152- LOL in a girl I don't think your evil thats funny

Haha 97 you and I had the same thought! Be happy your dog might be on it's way to hogwarts!

@ #85, I can drop kick a baby, does that mean its not a baby? Or what about a cat? I can drop kick a cat, is it not a cat then?

that something that will keep you awake at night....…get it? cause owls stay awake at… okay I'm sorry

it was a griffon.

this a depressing FML sorry op.

if an owl can pick it up then it is not a dog

Did the owl atleast tell you how many lucks it takes you to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

licks* Sorry guys, tiny keyboard.

this is crazy. I was just getting a flash back of my cat who was taken by an owl. I mean I know these jokes are funny but imagine if you were an animal and were taken up by a giant bird..the way hawks and owls kill their prey is vicious. sorry OP, hope you're okay :(

I'm scared that will happen to my dog because she's so tiny :(

I read "my dad[...]"

@177 What if it's a puppy numbnuts?

If it's small enough for an owl to carry it off, it's not a dog.

if it's not a dog, then why would it bark?

I agree with Felipe. now replace the rat u used to have with something that doesn't weigh less than a turd

if you had a real dog this wouldn't have happened.

if you had a real dog this wouldn't have happened.

owls, the pedaphiles of the night

poor dog my ass lol

Something like this only happens in Texas

250- Aww !!! I'm sorry !!! Yeah, that happened to my cat also ... It totally stinks :((

Damn nature you scary

It's ok 65. You are forgiven.

@#177 you're stupid.

big owl or small dog?

it would have been funny if it was a big owl and a big dog...imagine your labrador sitting there minding his own business, perhaps a ball in his mouth waiting for you to throw it to him when BAM! He's gone....being flown into the moonlight....

Haha 90 that was hilarious

it was probably one of those annoying little dogs that never shut up

Is your dog a rat ?

We have a conundrum :O

How the fuck would that be funny?

that would be terrifying D:

those damned owls.

Just out of curiosity 90, why would said lab be waiting for you to throw said ball if it is already in his mouth?

sorry to hear about that

that happened to me too but it dropped him before it left

time for a new dog.

First thing that came to my head? "The Proposal"

Hahahaha Yes! Throw your phone at it.

THIS. I think that dog was a bit heavy for the owl though. From now, on FUCK owls. Fuck owls and their stupid mail service.

OMG 8!! that was my first thought too!

OMG 8!! that was my first thought too!

"To the window, to the wall! Till the sweat drips down my balls!"

This FML was probably the first thing that popped into OP's head after watching 'The Proposal'

except I'm pretty sure that she was offering her dog in exchange for the phone :O

Hahahaha same here hahaahahahaaha throw your phone at it

Haha, same here!!

how freaking huge was that owl ?! or was your dog a Chihuahua ? still, sorry to see this !

hes in texas so many beaners down here its bound to be a chihuahua

in my area we aren't supposed to leave any dog under 20lbs outside unattended because several dogs have been grabbed

that's a tad frightful but don't you think it would be amazing to see ? especially if it is a tiny yappy dog !

No that would not be amazing to see, shut the fuck up and go jerk off to the discovery channel.

well I think it would be pretty strange to se a bird fly away with a dog- only said yappy little dog because they annoy the hell out of every one. and congrats for thinking you're a big man on the Internet ! what a joke.

How small was your dog?? But I'm sorry for your loss.

HowAreYouToday 34

it was a freaking Labrador, smart ass!

it must of been one strong ass owl then!


Did you hire a babysitter for the dog? Doubt anyone remembers that FML.

I remember that

Freeze, that just proves that you've been here way too long. :)

I remember it.