By flipnazn / Friday 15 July 2011 04:24 / United States
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11 how the hell is a chihuahua a rodent? Canis familiaris, Aka, domestic dog.

  jvillan87  |  5

I'm sorry, but if an owl mistakes your "dog" for something it can eat, then it's not a dog. If I can drop kick the so called "dog", then it's not a dog. Either way...that seriously blows.

  liquidfireKAN  |  0

okay I know all the girls here are gonna cry and think I'm evil but the guys will laugh. imagine putting a chiuaua ( sorry for the spelling ) on a football stand and kicking it down the field.

  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

this is crazy. I was just getting a flash back of my cat who was taken by an owl. I mean I know these jokes are funny but imagine if you were an animal and were taken up by a giant bird..the way hawks and owls kill their prey is vicious.

sorry OP, hope you're okay :(

  jvillan87  |  5

it would have been funny if it was a big owl and a big dog...imagine your labrador sitting there minding his own business, perhaps a ball in his mouth waiting for you to throw it to him when BAM! He's gone....being flown into the moonlight....

By  Xaviour  |  0

time for a new dog.


well I think it would be pretty strange to se a bird fly away with a dog- only said yappy little dog because they annoy the hell out of every one. and congrats for thinking you're a big man on the Internet ! what a joke.