By SOMAgirl - 06/07/2010 09:16 - United States

Today, I thought it would be funny to put some streamers on my bike handles, even though I knew they would probably be stolen fairly quickly. I went into a restaurant to eat, and when I came out both my wheels were gone, but at least the streamers were still there. FML
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how is a bike lock going to keep the wheels from being stolen?


oogyboogy 6

ya just use a lock, where I live bikes get stolen constantly

yeah I agree with the first comment

who would want to steal streamers when perfectly good bike wheels are right there???

yea because a lock would keep te wheels from being stolen right? retard

I guess they didn't think the streamers were cute or funny.

Get a cable or a chain. Use it to secure the wheels as well as the frame of the bike. Depending on your area, taking the seat with you is optional.

welandedonthemoo 5

streamers? how old are you lol

yah that's what I was thinking. is OP 5?

00yoda4 0

OP ydi for living in California

haha that sucks but streamers, really?

It could've been worse. They could have taken the entire bike and then left the streamers. That would've been funny :P

@24 - Um, actually, yes, a lock CAN keep your wheels from being stolen if you thread it through them. @50 - Haha, I didn't read carefully enough at first and thought that was what happened xD

Hey I had some of those on my bike!...when i was five..?

Trupe 3

50 -If I witnessed that, I'd shit myself from laughing haha

austin95 0

24 you lock it around both wheels and chain it up too something retard

why would someone steal the wheels when they could just take the whole bike. and 24 - it really depends on how u lock the bike.

they probably thought it was a guy and he was gay so they took the wheels.

freshcoru 0

eh chill dude. california is awesome. nothings wrong with my golden state.

Shut up, 47. What's so bad with California? Not all places have a high crime rate... in fact, my neighborhood never has anything stolen from it.

00yoda4 0

I love Michigan that's why GO MI

how is a bike lock going to keep the wheels from being stolen?

TaylorTotsYumm 10

You get one of the big bike lock cables and thread it through the spokes on each wheel of the bike and then lock the bike up. Voilà, unstolen wheels.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

With a saw, yeah. But that'd be kinda hard to do. :P

mrmystery96 0

a pair of bolt cutters and a 30 second interval of being unnoticed are all one needs to steal a bike. though, who would want the bike when there are those awesome streamers sitting right there? snip, snip, heheheheheeee...

mattman, you have insanely beautiful eyes

He has a Grammar Nazi picture so how do you know what his eyes look like?

Wheels can be stolen even if it is locked....all it takes is a little genius and it can be done. However, doing so is obviously bad.

nibawan 0

streamers. boy that's funny!

umm his wheels could still get stolen with a bike lock. but I think you set it up for your self.

dioxyde420 0

are you retarded? thread a cable through the wheels.

By the little information we know about you, I'm going to assume you are!

Football_5tar_JR 0

"Today, I saw some loser with streamers on their bike. Instead of stealing them like she probably expected, I took the bitches wheels! MLIA!"

FMLs that begin with "I thought it would be funny" are automatic YDIs

skyttlz 32

yes they are, especially ones that start with "i thought it would be funny to ____ my girlfriend/boyfriend"

JustJess666 0

what grown person puts streamers on their bike besides a retard or a gay man???? come what are you five?!

BENuke 0

o yea a lock would only work if both wheels were chained to the bike and then the bike chained to some poll.